1st Akuma order of 2017

(Gavin Rainey) #1

Its that time again, if you dont have a jersey and would like one lets get set up for insomnia60!

I would like to order 1st week of Feb so everyone has time for pay.

Europeans we can post it over or hold it until LAN.

As last time,

Item: Quantity
Name on jersey


TeqR esports jersey: 1
Name on jersey: Bakawaka
Size: XL

(Thom Haas) #2

TeqR Esports: 1
Name on jersey: Nodawe
Size: M

(Joss Ahluwalia) #3

TeqR Esports: 1
Name: joss
Size: S

(Liam Dakin) #4

Hoodie: 1
Name: Tuto
Size: XL


SSRCG jersey: 1
Name on jersey: Fergzillar
Size: L

Will be my first time at Insomnia, can’t wait :smiley:

(Tom Cannon) #6

TeqR ESports : 1
Name: Veasu
Size: XL

Also @Easy if it is possible to get names put on to the back of the Hoodies I’ll pick one of them up too.

Hoodie : 1
Name: Veasu
Size: XL

(Black cabbage) #7

Hoodie : 1

Size : M

(André Jørgensen) #8

TeqR Esports: 1
Name on jersey: Electrix
Size: M

TeqR Esports: 1
Name on jersey: emJay
Size: M

TeqR Esports: 1
Name on jersey: dj
Size: S

(Gavin Rainey) #9

@Roozle @Veasu @Cabbage what hoodie do u want

Kirin style or normal

kirin is a slim fit

normal is a normal fit

(Black cabbage) #10

Normal :grinning:

(Xenoscythe) #11

Hoodie: 1
Type: Normal
Size: M

(Liam Dakin) #12

Kirin please, i hope i’ll fit into it ;_;

(Adam Harwood) #13

If I fit into the kirin hoodie, no doubt you will.

(Tom Cannon) #14

@Easy Kirin Style please.

(Max Schneider) #15

Hoodie: 1+1
Type: One of each.
Size: XL

(Gavin Rainey) #16

I’ll put this in in Monday

(Luke) #17

Are they the same design as these one’s or are they different now?
Just some casual poses… totally normal heterosexual pics.

(Gavin Rainey) #18

still the same ones… thanks

(Gavin Rainey) #19

@Veasu @Xenoscythe @Fergs @Tuto this is all right for you lads yeah?

36 for jersey and kirin
24 for std hoody

PM me for Paypal or bank transfer




(Gavin Rainey) #20

@Roozle not only did i tag you wrong

i spent a whole evening with you bro and didnt say anything

Let me know how u wanna pay