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I tend to watch stuff that is “popular” on anime ranking websites, because i tend to think that people will vote for stuff that is good i guess. At the moment im going through hunter x hunter 2011 remake (only like 20 episodes left), and i have about 10 episodes of Code Geass left as well.

I think after that and caught up with all my regard anime that i put on hold while i watch others, (Naruto, one piece etc). I will go for Koutetsujo no Kabaneri. Just because its done by the same people who did attack on titan, which speaks for itself.


When you’re looking on ranking sites, it’s good to remember that the tastes of the masses may not be as refined as one who may want to delve deep into the medium (The fact that on MyAnimeList: Shigatsu, Cowboy Bebop and TTGL are all below the frankly boring 1st season of Gintama is crazy to me). I can’t speak for HxH or Code Geass personally, but they seem fine and consistent. Can’t say I’m a massive fan of AoT, it’s pretty simple and entertaining, just popcorn for me, and you could do better than Kabaneri - But it’s your choice, you know what you like. That said, I’m happy to recommend something if I knew what shows you like.

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@Fergs et al I am putting together some recommendations for my little sister.

She wanted black butler for her birthday so I bought that for her and all of Cowboy bebop on DVD and I am showing her some sites to look at now.

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Dragon Ball Super tho

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So now that bleach died a death , is there anything else remotley similar out there. With all the fancy powerups and folklore .

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Dragonball, One Piece, Blood+ , Naruto and Black Lagoon


Hunter X Hunter, Dragonball and One Piece. HxH is amazing peeps, don’t be put off by the upbeat start - it’s much darker and there’s so much variety in the arcs, with incredibly well thought out Death Note-style mind-games incorporated into the action.

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I’ve only heard good things about Hunter x Hunter

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I’m still in pain after how bad Berserk was. You can’t make Berserk bad, and they did it. Haven’t watched any anime at all since then.

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@Easy Vegito in EP66?! :0

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Mate, it’s looking fucking mad.

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Not as mad you though you lunatic! :smiley:

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If you know, then you know.


Recommended Reading: In Clothes Called Fat (1997)

Just finished reading this. Arguably bad art (the cover has been updated for later printing, the inside is very different), the story and theming is stellar though - A bare-faced look at a woman’s struggle with her weight, and the superficiality of humans. Short too, only 15 chapters, and it being only 1 Volume means it’s cheap too, picked it up for £6 and it’s one of the best manga I’ve read I think.

Fun note about the author, this is written by Moyoco Anno, wife of Hideaki Anno, famed director of Neon Genesis Evangelion.

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This is the best gift the world could give me


Does anyone know why there isn’t a 1080p torrent of the first episode of Little Witch Academia 2017? It came out a few days ago and there should be HD subs by now but I can only find 720p.

n.b: I pay for Crunchyroll but I archive all the anime I’ve seen because I am a fiend (I have 4 hard drives)


After watching bits of DBZ, GT and a few bits of Dragonball mixed with DBZA - I’m finally looking to start from scratch. Which order and also, which sites would be best? I had a look on Crunchy roll and they’ve only got Super from what I could see.


Are you looking for legal means? If so I imagine that the only option is DVDs and Blu-rays, which is very very very expensive. I can rec some illegal means if you prefer.