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Was looking ideally into legal streaming services but yea I guess illegal means are fine heh


I really hate streaming but you can get a lot of stuff on Kissanime. I prefer torrenting, the best site for that is, plus this is often the only way you can find obscure anime, or old anime that’s now been released on blu-ray.

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For Dragonball : Watch it all
For DBZ, just watch DragonBall Kai
For GT: Don’t

Edit - Sent you a PM


Cheers man, tried and it seems to not be live? Domain up for sale apparently. Kissanime is awesome though, thanks very much bro.

@smather cheers mate, will take that on board haha - also replied to your pm.


Excuze-moi, I mean - I’m so used to just typing in ‘nyaa’ in chrome and clicking the link straight to the website, forgot the URL wasn’t .com


For any superhero and comic book fans here that might not already know, Stan Lee’s original anime The Reflection is airing in the Summer Anime Season 2017.

There’s a lot of cool stuff airing in the summer that I really can’t wait for, but this is the show I’m definitely most curious about.

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There a few episodes of Attack On Titan Season 2 up on CrunchyRoll

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Which one of their daddy’s managed to get their song as the ending for super?