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(Adam) #41

Strong Ghost in the Shell vibe from this, looks so good.

(Luka) #42

anime in 2014

(Matt) #43


I don’t know how to feel

(Nick) #44

(Matt) #45

(Adam) #46

Okappa’s my waifu.

(Matt) #47


(Nick) #48

Going to an animecon tomorrow for 3 days. UNLEASH THE OTAKU

(Adam) #49

You better be cosplaying as Inori.

(Nick) #50

Actually I’m cosplaying Shu Ouma, I wonder if I can find an (good looking) Inori at the ball.

(Adam) #51

Pics please.

(Nick) #52

I have a picture of actually wearing it somewhere but I lost it. I’ll post a picture when I’m back home where I am in full cosplay.

Also, I worked a bit further on this:

(Adam) #53

You better pull an Inori.

That’s vectors right?

(Matt) #54

Someone make me a Sanageyama Outfit.

(Adam) #55

If you wear it to Comic Con I will.

(Matt) #56

Of course I would

Then i’ll find a Nonon and muay thai the shit out of her

(Nick) #57


(Matt) #58

Fuck buying outfits

That wig is good though

(Nick) #59

I’ll make you a sailor saturn outfit

(Matt) #60

tbh i’d rock an aikuro mikisugi one.