Anime/Manga General

(Nick) #61

dem shiny nipples

(Adam) #62

Matt could pull that off.

(Matt) #63

These are your choices. If you look closely, you notice how they’re all the same fucking character really

(Adam) #64

@Matt confirmed generic anime character

(Nick) #65

Found 3 inoris aww ye

(Luka) #66

has anything good come out since shingeki aired that’s not kill la kill

and i don’t mean some edgy shonen shite like SOA but something actually good

(Nick) #67

A ton. Examples would be: Black Bullet and Selector Infected WIXOSS.

(Luka) #68

alright what are the top 5 then

(Nick) #69

No idea, I don’t watch anime that much. No Game No Life is probs one of them and there are some still airing (like zankyou no terror).

(Nick) #70




(Luka) #71

they all look like men, would not hold hands with

(Nick) #72

that mami was legit cute, the picture doesn’t really justify it.

And there were a lot of men crossdressing lmao, weird as fuck

(Mark Dornan) #73

You look like Rodney Bewes or Dec Donnelly.

(Matt) #74

would not take pictures of and print onto a pillow to marry

(Dean) #75

With enough drink I know I’d do that.

(Matt) #76

@NickV at least you didn’t hoverhand…

(Nick) #77

There weren’t many hoverhanders, but some were there. Hell, there was some girl hoverhanding ME of all things. Am I that kowai?

(Adam) #78

Nick you’re kawaii as fuck.

(Adam) #79

(Nick) #80

I heard “kibou” (hope) and “mirai” (future) so I’m guessing he’s humanity’s last hope and fights for its survival and future. Looks sick as fuck