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(Nick) #101

post it and I’ll watch lol

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(Luka) #104

(Adam) #105

Think I’m going to start watching No Game No Life in an attempt to catch up on what I’ve missed. Heard good things about it.


(Nick) #106

Overrated but still fun, enough fanservice to keep me from dropping. 8/10

(Luka) #107

“overrated so i’ll give it an 8/10”

(Nick) #108

on this scale 9.5

(Adam) #109


(Nick) #110

watch black bullet, it’s pretty cool.

Watching Higashi no Eden now. Zankyou no Terror is almost done airing so I will definitely marathon that anime next weekend. SO HYPED, been waiting for it since it was announced

(Adam) #111

Might to give Black Bullet a watch. I need something emotional to watch, nothing’s hooking me anymore.

(Nick) #112

There’s one particular moment you’ll be fffffffffuuuuuuu-, but other than that it’s pretty cool action. As for emotional anime I guess Clannad (and After Story), if you haven’t seen those already. I’ve only really had dem feels when I watched madoka magica, fate/zero and clannad. Selecter Infected WIXOSS has some madoka influences and it’ll have a second season starting october.

(Adam) #113

I need to watch this to be honest.

(Nick) #114

This is why I have a MyAnimeList account: to list what I still need to watch. lol

(Matt) #115

Best DD video still

(Luka) #116

why are people who make videos about anime so obnoxious

(Scott) #117

nick so かわいい

(Blake) #118

Clannad is really good I’ve almost finished it, in fact I might watch the last few episodes now…
Also check out Nurarihyon no Mago aka Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan. MC is such a baller.

(Matt) #119

because people who like anime enough to make videos about it all day are probably pretty obnoxious people.

(Nick) #120

Yeah it is, I’m going to start Clannad: After Story soon. I expect waterfalls