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LOL. Fantastic parody.

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madoka came out 3 years ago

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madoka came 3 years ago

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i made madoka came 3 years ago…

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i came 3 years ago, made madoka

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i am glad we have this shitposting/containment thread. it is of very high quality.

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Homu Homu best waifu

I feel like without this thread the quality of the rest of the site would decline.

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yes its literally a containment thread

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On a serious note, this looks fucking awesome:

Fire Emblem x Madoka Magica

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From the Keanu Reeves AMA

  1. Um… Cowboy Bebop, yeah! For me it seems like that ship has sailed. :frowning: Unhappy face. Sad face! I love that series, and you know, a few years ago, when it came my way, I was really hoping we could make it. I don’t know what’s going on with the project now. I feel like I’d have to play Spike’s older brother now…

I wish I was a billionaire

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I missed a Keanu AMA?

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Yes you did indeed, it was very good.

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Did Under The Dog happen yet?

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Everyone go watch Shingeki no Bahamut it’s sooooo gooood

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Might have to add it to my list, that animation looks so nice. Also I can’t say no to demon girls.