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started watching this, really good !

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Discussed this on a couple of other sites I use. I wasn’t sure how to feel about it. Then I remembered Marvel have an infinite amount of alternate Universes and can do whatever they hell they want.

Should be interesting though, Deadpool better be a Titan.

(Nick) #145

I love the people that hate on the concept, while it will increase the popularity of both manga and anime in the western world. Manga fans apparently hate such a thing, while Marvel fanboys don’t understand how Marvel heroes can lose to a titan, because superpower blablabla. I mean, what the fuck do the Marvel heroes know about titans? Do they know their only weak spot? Probably not. Do they know about their regeneration? Probably not. The fuck’s Spiderman gonna do

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Oh swirly glasses, maybe in your dreams WHILE YOU ARE SLEEEPING

breathing intensifies

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Totally NSFW but you guys should watch this if you haven’t seen it already.

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Was that girl drooling sperm into the guy’s mouth? Or am I more fucked up than that video?

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The second and last songs were awesome.

Pretty sure the whole thing was just a criticism of how stupid the guy saving one naked girl while fighting/sleeping with other naked girls cliche is in anime. could be wrong though.

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My top 5:

Hunter X Hunter 2011
Yu Yu Hakusho
Attack on Titan
Death Note

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Think the only Anime I have watched was like DBZ back in the day and @Ruff made me check out Death Note. Thing with DN is I really didn’t like it when it changed to what I presume was a second series? Where the credits at the start changed, if that makes sense.

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Just the second half of the series. A lot of anime changes OP half way through, usually signifies a bit of a change in the story direction too.

(Josh) #156

Yeah the story deffo changed, it got worse imo. I wont say anything in case people haven’t watched it and want to.

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A lot of people say the second half is worse, or atleast after that. I didn’t like it from the start; it was too predictable (for me). Attack on Titan is a very good anime to start with because it has a good mixture of action and drama.

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Yeah I agree, definitely slowed down.
Death Note’s one of the most overrated anime there is to be honest.

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I agree. Though I regard the first half of the series to be some of the best writing I’ve seen in an anime. The last half, however, I’d rather forget about. The ending was terrible as well.

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I stopped at the end of the first half, just purely coincidence.

Anyone watch older anime?