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(Adam) #161

I’m watching Shingeki no Bahamut at the moment and really enjoying it. Has a total FFXIV feel to it. Also demon girl best girl.

(Nick) #162

(Blake) #163

Yeah i love oldschool anime. Fist of the North Star is great, so brutal…

This is only 2000 but anyone who hasn’t seen the movie Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust, should go see that shit.

(Adam) #164

Just finished Shingeki no Bahamut, really enjoyed it. The character’s were extremely likable and it had a good amount of action. Pretty satisfying ending too. Think I’m gonna move onto Parasyte next.

(Xenoscythe) #165

Anyone watched Touhou? I’ve listened to bad apple in about 50 forms now and its drawing me in…

(Nick) #166

F’ing sick trailer for DBZ Revival of F, but if you don’t want to see anything that will ruin the surprise then don’t open it.


(Nathan Burton) #167

See what you make of this, it popped up on my news feed the other day.

(Adam) #168

Touhou’s a game mate

(Xenoscythe) #169

lmao yeah, discovered that about 3 days later :stuck_out_tongue:

(Adam) #170

Haha, fair. The music’s so good in it though, I’ve listened to Bad Apple way too many times as well.

(Nick) #171

'Cause Mami’s a babe

(Dean) #172

Taken me about 2 years but I’m finally caught up with One Piece anime. Only 689 episodes ya know.

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(Gavin Rainey) #175

new dbz anime

dragonball super

(Sam Hather) #176

Here’s another article

Toriyama :heart_eyes:

(Xenoscythe) #177

Oh my god @Frosty grab your scouter and fedora, its time.

(Sam Hather) #178

Honestly so fucking excited, Dragonball was my childhood. I stopped believing in god when I was 6 cos I prayed to god to be able to fire a kamehameha and to be able to turn Super Saiyan and neither happened lol

(Lethal) #179

That announcement has made my day. Definitely going to give my dad the biggest bum fun in the galaxy.

(Matt) #180