Anyone on here play SSFIV:AE on steam?

(jbssteve) #1

just wondering if there was anyone on here that plays arcade edition on steam as apart from thew uk the connection is pretty laggy , would be good to find some new people to play with.

my steam name is BigDaddyJbs

(Luka) #2

online is going to be laggier than LAN, no matter how close you are

i play quite a lot though,i’ll add you

(Gavin Rainey) #3

Hi Joe and welcome to the site, we have a stack of people who play SF4!

add me on steam, iKarnage

(Rob Thomas) #4

Me and @SupaShock play it, but we’ve been playing Ultra on 360 since it came out.

(jbssteve) #5

ok sure thing :slight_smile:

(jbssteve) #6

yeah i want to get ultra but that means getting a 360 again, may just have to wait until august for pc release

(Peter Woodberry) #7

Welcome to SSRCG Joe mate nice to see you signed up! I think theres a few that still play AE on PC here but like Rob said most have Ultra on 360 right now.

(Josh) #8

I’m a shitter at it but will happily join some endless lobbies with other folks form here was amusing last time we did. Welcome to the community also :slight_smile:

(jbssteve) #9

add me oin steam :slight_smile: yeah i mostly just play with friends at the moment on pc , would be good to get some endless going. I mainly play sagat , trying to learn a bit of dudley and yun currently :smiley:

(Aaron ) #10

im new to these parts too big into my sf as well add me on steam for endless SMBF AY_AY_RON :slight_smile:

(Josh) #11

If you guys all join the SSRCG steam group its super easy to find everyone, unless you have already.

My steam acc name is: madfreebird

(Gavin Rainey) #12

Do any of you live together


The site is telling me you’re posting from different accounts



(Aaron ) #13

i can confirm we do not :slight_smile:

(jbssteve) #14

nope we just know each other through uni

(Gavin Rainey) #15


that’s the problem

I have changed the site config, the forum was going to flag you all as spam and drop the BASS and ban you XD

Who do you guys main? I played Ken in vanilla (im not very good btw, pure casual) then took a break and use Oni and Dan in AE:2012 and Ken in ultra.

(jbssteve) #16

i currently play sagat in AE , and yeah play casually :slight_smile: looking at yun and dudley though as they are both fun too

(Luka) #17

anyone want to get a lobby going on pc right now? im a total noob

(jbssteve) #18

would be down for some games around 5/6pm if you are free then?

(Josh) #19

don’t worry m8 I’m a shitter too haha

(Luka) #20

alright nice we’re all shitters

add me, l2theuka_

i’ll set a lobby up around 6 ish