Anyone on here play SSFIV:AE on steam?

(jbssteve) #21

popping on AE now if anyone wants to join me?

(Luka) #22

alright who wants to slam

(Scott) #23

i’m gonna be playing it a lot once i find a stick for a decent price

(Adam) #24

I’ll probably grab this in the Summer Sale at some point.

I used to play Guy and Juri, but I was terrible at fighting games back then so I’ll probably play someone different now.

(jbssteve) #25

yeah it will be around 3 quid most likely , best to get it with all the costumes as on sale thats usually £7 for the whole package

(Adam) #26

Gotta get those costumes.

(Rob Thomas) #27

It’s just like fashion souls.

(Luka) #28

costumes are the best

anyone wanna blay???

(Anthony) #29

As soon as my stick gets here I’ll be on the AE grind again.

No idea how well it will play via tethering, should be ok though as I average ~65ms in CSGO

(Luka) #30

why are you tethering? that sounds awful

(Anthony) #31

Because I move around a lot. It’s not as bad as it sounds.

(Luka) #32

are you a traveller or something

(Josh) #33

HAHA amazing!

Nah he is in the construction trade and lives on the sites he works on frequently.

(Luka) #34

cool, never knew that was a thing

(jbssteve) #35

Anyone for some games around half 6 ? Shall be in an endless with a friend so if you want in let me know

(Scott) #36

1k pp 1st day playing the dream

(Anthony) #37

I got my stick now so definitely looking to get some endless lobbies going to prepare for Ultra.

(Luka) #38

all of the good people stopped playing on pc though

@An7 i can play any time, add me - L2theuka_

(Anthony) #39

EZ stay EZ


(Adam) #40

Really looking forward to getting back into SSF, I’ll probably start with playing Guy again