Arena discussion

(Randal Octagonapus) #1

Chance for people to post up their arena achievements and discuss arena tactics.

My most recent run (Ysera seemed like a good idea but in 13 games only played it once):

(Randal Octagonapus) #2

Some of my 12 wins that I remembered to screenshot, I think I have a complete decklist for each stored somewhere if anyone is interested:

(Anthony) #3

I’ve not done since I’ve started playing. I’ve had a few runs at 3/3 and one at 4/3 before I started tracking my arenas with Arena Mastery

So far I’ve only had these two, evidently I’m still bad and have a lot to learn

(Anthony) #4

So I am bad, and unlucky it seems

Destined to never get more than 4 wins :frowning:

(Randal Octagonapus) #5

I would have taken:

Arcane intellect > Cult masters

Raging Worgen > Arcane missiles (hero power to activate it early can win games straight up)

Dragonline mechanic > Worgen infiltrator

Sunfury protector > Knife juggler

Ice barrier > Oasis snapjaw (extra health in arena as mage is really needed)

Frost elemental > Sorcerer’s apprentice

Stampeding kodo > Imp master (one of the best arena cards in my opinion)

Armani Berserker > Arcane intellect (see Raging worgen)

Venture co mercenary > Sheep

Oasis snapjaw > Dire wolf alpha

Water elemental > Venture co mercenary

Pyroblast > Faceless (by FAR)

Then after I’d picked up a few Water elementals I would’ve grabbed up the Ice lances whenever I could.

Hope this helps a bit for next time :slight_smile:

(Anthony) #6

I’m sooooo bad at arena :cry:

@Steinzy coach me please :wink:

(Randal Octagonapus) #7

Haha ok, I don’t think I’ve got under 6 for about a month now. After my exam tues we can chill in mumble and have a chat while you go through your card picks.

(Randal Octagonapus) #8

Boulder fist ogre > Sheep

Gnomish inventor > Cone of cold

Abomination (really underrated in arena and the current meta I think) > Defender of Argus

Gnomish inventor > Novice engineer (dies to hero powers)

Mirror image = Cone of cold… not sure what I’d choose for this one

Stormwind > Kobold geomancer

Yeti (this and boulderfist are the best arena cards) > Harvest golem

Raging worgen = Fen creeper, either could be really good

Harvest golem > Frost bolt

Water elemental > Earthen ring farseer

(Anthony) #9


Another fail Arena run, went 3/3

(Randal Octagonapus) #10

Done 2 runs today, went 8-3 with a Druid and Shaman is still going as we speak,

I just made an account on that site to do a little guide of picking in Arena pick guide but then I realised I cba ha.

(Adam) #11

I suck at arena too.

I just have no idea how to synergise my deck. I’ll pick cards I think are sick, and then try and build around that. I did a 7 run once, but my highest apart from that I think is a 4, loads of 3’s. Had a 0 before as well!

(Zio) #12

I’ve done a few 12-wins and in my opinion the best cards are the boring “value” minions. Eg Golem, Yeti, Water Elemental, Knife Juggler etc. You also want a glut of low cost minions, 6-7 2-mana drops is ideal. You’ll win a ton of games through simple board control because you don’t have to worry about Leeroy OTK combos or whatever in arena games.

(Randal Octagonapus) #13

I agree partly with this.

I usually aim for the 4/5 drops though because you know there’ll be no super fast rush down decks and it allows you to get board control mid game then burn them down. I focus a lot on Yetis / Taz dingos / Ancient Brewmasters / Spellbreakers / Argent commanders etc

(Joe Littleworth) #14

I don’t claim to be particularly good at the game I just play from time to time when I am bored of poker/League but arena just seems to be all about the board control and getting a card advantage. Maybe I am beating a dead horse here since I don’t really follow the scene much but mage seems to be the best class due to a really good mix of early/mid board control with the hero power, water elementals, cheap spells, mana wyrms etc, and have the best board clear with flamestrike which changes games. Had some good success with shaman as well, again really good value minions with flame/earth elementals, spirit wolves and good board clear, plus probably one of the strongest finishers with bloodlust. Drop me an add Steinzy need some good players on my list I am still pretty clue less at the game.

(Randal Octagonapus) #15


Rewards (if anyone is curious):

Got 3x rares and 1x epic (Molten giant) from the packs but nothing too special.

(Adam) #16

Is that deck any good? Currently sat at 4-0 and the best I’ve managed in the last million runs is 3-3 rofl. I messed up bigtime in my last game too.

(Peter Woodberry) #17

Bitch Polymorphed my Argent Commander.

You saw correctly, triple cold blood :smiley:

(Nick) #18

LOL. I like that style.

Can’t remember how i did it because it’s been a long time since i played, but i remember once dealing 20 damage in one turn with a Sheep as Shaman. Something something Rockbiter Bloodlust.

(Ben ) #19

Love when I win at hearthstone like this :wink:

(Anthony) #20

Managed to beat a player with the legend card back in a Paladin mirror in Arena :smiley: