Arena discussion

(DayC) #21

So I just hit my highest point in arena with 2 losses left:

Big achievement for me this after having a terrible time in the game since i52

(Zio) #22

Good job! Good luck with the remaining games.

(DayC) #23

Ended up 10-3, really tidy run :smile:

(Lee) #24

Good job, always like getting mage for arena, but last time got no mana wyrm, no fireball and no flamestrike i was pissed off. Ended up going early aggro, was 8/0 thinking I was Tsquared, finished 8/3 :frowning:

(Peter Woodberry) #25

Last time I did an arena I had a solid deck according to @DayC then went 1-3 and got the worst luck ever.

(DayC) #26

Haha yeah it happens depends how you play too not just the deck :stuck_out_tongue: same thing just happened, solid pally deck and 0-3…

(DayC) #27

Nice little GvG arena runs last night, piloted mechs are cray. Came across Mogor the Orgre who was an absoloute pain in the arse to deal with and there’s a whole lot more Yeti style creatures knocking about now. Like @Easy said last night despite the amount of RNG that appears in the text everything seems very finely balanced.


News: Standard Arena starting at the end of the month.

Shame as I’d only just started enjoying arena and now they’re making it boring.

Got the Overwolf mod - I’d put off using any guidence programs but it’s nice; gives you some things to think about when drafting and having the deck there whilst you play is amazing. Seeing what win conditions you can aim for based on the cards you’ve got left, it’s essential when you consider most of your opponenents will be using something similar. I highly reccomend it!


As a mainly arena player, I’m gonna say “thank christ” on this one

(DayC) #31

@Fergs i agree, these are the best changes they’ve made to the game in a long time!