Battalion 1944 General Discussion

(Peter Woodberry) #1

< Update from Noodle: SSRCG server running at >

So this goes into early access tomorrow, I’m gonna be going pretty hard in it, already got a team lined up with some of my old Promod team mates so if anyone is getting the game and wants to play pugs/comp etc then hit me up on steam.

Here’s a link to the release info -

Ranked comp comes into the game on the 8th of feb and the ranks are very similar to CS:GO’s however we dont know if the system will work the same way.

(Xenoscythe) #2

Game looks great probably give it a good go, but bright coloured skins in a ww2 game


(Peter Woodberry) #3

Yeah the fact skins are in there is a little annoying but every game is gonna adopt it for that $$$

(Dean) #4

Can’t wait for it, CoD2 is still one of my favourite games ever. Just need to convince @Roozle to pick it up so he can carry me to World Elite.

(Sam Hather) #5

Will pick it up and play about 6 hours. Looking forward

edit - when this becomes purchasable someone text me pls so I can download it remotely whilst at work

(Dean) #6

5pm lad. 7 hours to go.

(Thom Haas) #7

ill pick this up something new to play at least!

(Xenoscythe) #8

(Peter Woodberry) #9

Nothing good old day 1 server issues for an early access game :grin:


Hate you all.

(Dean) #11

SSRCG server running at

(Xenoscythe) #12

the ttk in this game is ridiculously low

(Joss Ahluwalia) #13

STG is nutzZzZz

(Xenoscythe) #14

Game is fun when playing in a big group, a great laugh. Can’t see how this game would be good in competitive though, every gun (including the smgs) kills in 2-4 shots which you can fire in under half a second.

Most of the maps are absolutely atrocious :joy:

As Smidsy said, its MoH Allied Assault in high res.
The game runs really well (once you get past the launcher) and there’s surprisingly few bugs for a game fresh into early access.

Verdict: Worth the 12 quid even if just for messing about on the SSRCG server.

(Dean) #15

This is the first game in years I’ve gone positive in, don’t take that away from me.

Loved the game last night, was a great laugh on the server, causing paranoia to anyone who stepped past a corner when the Operator came out. I’ll be on Saturday evening with Brad all night, so let’s fill up the server once again.

(Liam Dakin) #16

TTK is deffo too low for Defuse gametype. Rest of the game was fun! Looks like theres a bug with hold-to-aim atm

(Dean) #17

I wish my TTK was low :frowning:

I’ll take a look through the server config in depth today, see if I can sort the map rotation or how to change it from in game.

(Thom Haas) #18

I’d agree mostly. I’d think it would be interesting as the token system will probably flourish in a competitive environment but I doubt it’ll be interesting to watch more interesting to play.

Maps are poo
Jumping round corners is gay
Fun for a bit is all it is probably

(Peter Woodberry) #19

Managed to get my first good session in yesterday and I’m really enjoying it.

TTK is very short but it is quite range dependent, SMG’s feel OP but they do fall off pretty fast at long range.

Love the multiple rifle classes/options, gives a more dynamic element to playing what used to be in COD4 a pretty boring rifle role.

So far the me and the guys I’ve been playing with haven’t lost a game in unranked yet and most of the time someone leaves the other team when we go 4-5 rounds up but once ranked comes in on the 8th this shouldn’t be an issue.

The maps aren’t the best but hopefully they listen to community feedback and improve them.

Overall the game feels solid to me, the pace is somewhere between CS and COD and I like that, will just have to see how much it takes off comp wise.

My provisional team will be scrimming Sunday and I’ll likely stream it so tune into for some most likely rage filled games :sunglasses:

(Sam Hather) #20

So unbelievably true, this game isn’t like CoD at all, it’s just a new medal of honour game.