Battalion 1944 General Discussion

(Dean) #21

We will be setting up games on the server tonight, 8:30 UK time. List below so far,


Even if you can’t play all night jump on Discord anyway. Will be a casual match with everyone in the same channel like the other night.

(Gavin Rainey) #22

Im down for this

(Sam Hather) #23

How many can be on?

(Dean) #24

10, 5v5.

Got one spot left, you in?

(Sam Hather) #25

nah there’ll be too many of us then sry

(Peter Woodberry) #26

Streaming now -

(Tom Cannon) #27

Picked this up with @Lex and 2 other friends and streamed it for about 3/4 hours maybe. Seems decently fun but I agree with pretty much all the points made about it. I can see myself playing some more of it and trying to get a lot less shit, but the servers tonight were having a right mare too.

(Adam) #28

Steam shared this from a friend and had a great time with it, been looking for a new FPS for a while so I might dump time into this between DBFZ fights.

(Xenoscythe) #29


(Adam) #30

Man, every FPS out at the moment is either trash or dead, and Diabotical is too far away.

(Dean) #31


(Gavin Rainey) #32

CS is huge and not trash

(Dean) #33

Yer it is

(Adam) #34

@Noodle Let me dream.

I’ve been playing a bit of CS recently to be honest, so for once that argument doesn’t work.

(Xenoscythe) #35

Other than the current price i dont even slightly see what this game brings over CoD.

Bad maps, bad anticheat, awful weapon balance.


A fun piss around game, for the price alone was worth the 5v5 games we had that were fun as fuck. Beyond that, nothing there for me - I certainly don’t wish to spend any time sweating or try harding. There’s plenty more games that can fill that roll.

It’s just a shame that CoD is still so damn expensive (on steam at least), even CoD2 is like £15 quid =/

(Dean) #37

Don’t write it off just yet. Remember CSGO was some shitty console port on release.

I agree though, it has a lot of issues at the minute.

(Peter Woodberry) #38

Game has a lot of issues but its fun in the competitive environment, we’re scrimmed a bit and its really really enjoyable.

Also this happened in a pub today;

We will be playing in the Fastfrags Sunday cup this week which I will probably be streaming

(Xenoscythe) #39

Average player-base has dropped under 2k already, think they’ve made a huge mistake releasing it to the public already.

Glad you’re enjoying it but rn this is looking like the QC of the cod scene. Doesn’t make me super optimistic for its future but i hope i’m proved wrong.

(Dean) #40

The sad difference is they’ve already had more updates than QC :disappointed_relieved: