(Ryan Roberts) #1

Anyone tried this yet? There’s an open beta until the 18th of this month, I’ve just played a campaign level and a multiplayer games. First impressions were good.

(Fatmanp) #2

How does it run?

(kyro) #3

i think its really good, but it will only be good until overwatch comes out

(Ryan Roberts) #4

It runs well, I had a little lag in my second online game… but other than that it’s all good. Can get a bit to hectic at times, so it’s hard to keep track of everything on screen - but I guess that’s part of the learning curve.

(...) #5

I got into this last night as an alternative to overwattch which i am still yet to receive beta for :’(.

Game ran well, a lot of stratergy taking place, but the usual of any new game, of people playing it like TDM. Went to play today and beta finished already, so i’m now cursed as i do not want to play CS (bit burnt out).

Mained Marquis for my 4 hours of play. The usual happened and you have counters ect to rely on.

disliked: polygons of map. They wernt smooth, collided with certain areas very easy. Not being able to change hero mid match/after locking in at team select screen. Not being able to see the enemy team and not being able to draft against it.

May still buy this at the beggining of the month dependant on how much i spend on guns…

(Ryan Roberts) #6

Really enjoyed the beta and pre-ordered the game, getting withdrawal symptoms. Very good game - the attention to detail in particular I was impressed with, like @Ross I’d agree the collision needs work. I’m yet to play Overwatch but I’ve been hearing about the comparisons, but I’m not sure they are fair based on what I’ve seen.

Overwatch seems like the new Team Fortress to me, whilst BattleBorn is more like Borderlands meets League of Legends.

(Luke) #7

So has anyone played Overwatch & Battleborn?
And if so which one do you prefur and why?

@Ross I saw in your post you were playing Battleborn as an alternative.

(Ryan Roberts) #8

I have, but I don’t think I could offer you a preference as they are two very different FPS games… the only thing they really have in common is the variety of heroes.

I would say that Overwatch is better optimised as it stands.

#9 @Brew_Drinker - pretty good idea of the differences =)

(Luke) #10

@Bagelzend Thanks for the link. I honestly thought the two games were much more similar.
But after watching that vid it appears that Battleborn is more like Borderlands with better
focus on PvP whilst Overwatch is Heroes Of The Storm with guns. Hurry up 24th!

@Tugsy Better optimised eh? Got Blizzard written all over that.
The kings of polishing games. Which one do you think you will be playing more?

(Ryan Roberts) #11

I’m not sure at the moment… I didn’t play too much of the overwatch beta. I think it’ll probably be Overwatch, as I think BB has a few fundamental flaws with the matchmaking and as I said before, being less optimised.