Battlefield 1

(Fatmanp) #1

Open Beta is live tomorrow, if you are in an Insider you get it today. Just had a quick dash around and it runs fantastically well (130fps on my GTX 1080) and looks very nice. I will be on tonight if anybody wants to play. Origin ID is Fatmanp.

(Lethal) #2

How do you get a copy of the beta?

(Fatmanp) #3

I signed up for the insider programme a few weeks ago. It should be fully open tomorrow on the Origin Client.

(Fatmanp) #4

First impressions

  • Very smooth
  • Standard key bindings are crap
  • Looks very nice (nothing like the supposed in game footage the trailers had)
  • Annoying that to this day in a BF game you have to unlock weapons and kit in game without the option to do so in the main menu
  • Seems to be a bit of an issue on certain kills where the framerate will chug as soon as the kill feed comes up
  • Apart from the commentator the game sounds very good
  • It plays like a cross between Bad Company 2 and Battlefront

Will definitely be buying lets just hope the launch is not a shit show like BF4 and that Dice LA are involved in the development.

(Sam Hather) #5

You can do it here too!

Just in case you were unaware :slight_smile:

(Yan) #6

Origin broken for anyone else? Wanted to play a bit tonight but it’s been fucked for hours now

(Lethal) #7

Since the PC beta was on Origin, I decided to play the XB1 version

Opinion: It’s shit

Thank you and good night


Played a little this morning, it’s well… it’s Battlefield re-skinned. It’s relatively fun but to me it’s just the same formula rehashed for WW1. It’s not bad but as always with any Battlefield it won’t hold my interest for too long. The only thing which better be in release is the in game server browser and matchmaking, I’m unsure if this was in Hardline as the last BF I played was 4, which still used the browser to find servers and launch the game. But at least this in game system works so much better and thankfully seems to be implemented well.

(Fatmanp) #9

Thank fuck they removed the time limit in conquest.