Black Desert Steam Reviews

(Luke) #1

I’ve just created this page so I can upload a few screen shots for the Black Desert forums.
I’ll be linking this externally so SSRCG people please keep the special needs behaviour to a minium :+1:

So at this moment in time Black Desert has ‘Mixed’ reviews on steam.

Now most of these reviews are just from people that are having technical difficulties with the game
starting up. But one review has really caught my attention. The poster of the review has posted a negative
review although he claims to have put 2700 into the game. Please see below:

So at first glance it goes seem like the guy is a little butthurt from poor RNG rolls but he does bring up some
good points later on, see the rest of the review below… it’s a long one.

Some of points he raises are very interesting, like pets for example. Although you can play the game fine without pets, at end game they are pretty much essential for grinding mases of mobs. It would be pretty
fresh if pets could be caught in game witgh a low sucess rate or something instead of locking them behind
a pay wall. Wondered what players though on this guy review is?

(Luke) #2

Keeze opened up a whole can of worms on the Black Desert forums with this post :sweat:
If anyone wants to see some people arguing in CAPITAL LETTERS then head over to this
post on the official Black Desert Forums, link below:

(DayC) #3

Thanks for posting @Brew_Drinker I was thinking of getting it as a few people in the office are on it but I’ll make sure I go through this lot first before I make a decision!

(Luke) #4

It’s a good game, very immersive. Huge maps. Lots to do. Would recommend it.
I have 580hrs hours on it so far.
Also just putting this right here so I can use it on the Black Desert forums :+1: