Blackrock Mountain Adventure

(DayC) #1

Honestly so predictable and boring from Blizzard, I won’t be investing.

(Gaskin) #2

I’m actually quite excited by it. But I guess I wasn’t playing much HS when the Naxx / GvG expansions came out.

(Ryan Roberts) #3

Any more thoughts now that the full card list is available? I’m not terrible excited, apart from potentially building a new miracle rogue deck around that legendary that reduces to cost of cards by 1 each turn.

(Gaskin) #4

Ryan what’s your battle net?

I’m looking forward to seeing the dragon decks come out tbh. And yeah that rogue card could be interesting, along with the one that allows you to shuffle 3x any minion into your own deck.

(DayC) #5

@Tugsy I think there’s a few cards that are going to make play style impacts similar to how mad scientist did with hunters and mages but overall the pack seems pretty pricey for what it actually offers.

  • Fireguard destroyer seems pretty strong, a potential 7/6 on t4.
  • Quick Shot helps hunters keep a huge amount of pressure on for next to no mana.
  • Solemn Vigil will be disgusting with Muster for Battle.

(Sam) #6

@DayC Agree with your opening post. It is very predictable and noting new.
Nothing looks too OP though which I suppose its a good thing. The Shaman Hero cards look very strong though.
Hopefully the ‘adventure’ is a little more exciting. Going to be gong for the low levels this season now I am back playing again.
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(Zio) #7

Emperor Thaurissan is super strong. His ability enables some incredibly strong plays that your opponent will find impossible to predict. He seems like Loatheb in that any deck that goes curves beyond 6 mana should auto-include him barring a very good reason.

Resurrect is a good card as well, really strong with early Injured Blademaster plays since it brings him back at full health for 2 mana. A niche card though as it requires a certain deck and style of play to get value out of.

(Ryan Roberts) #8

I have no idea Mr Gaskin… I’ll figure it out and let you know.

So far I’m finding Emperor Thaurissan a bit of a disappointment - definitely doesn’t work with miracle rogue as he dies too quickly and the cards are already relatively cheap. Seems like he’d better in a slower paced / expensive deck.

Gang up, however, is very strong when used with heal bots / cold light oracles.