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Frampton is the real deal.

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Murray next in line for GGG, on my birthday too holy fuck man I might die of excitement.

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Klitschko is a monster, though Jennings did surprisingly well :open_mouth:

Woohoo! That one should be more exciting :stuck_out_tongue:

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Fantastic fight. Certainly worth staying up to watch!

[spoiler]Mayweather completely and utterly outplayed him. Way too fast and Pacman rarely got near him. Surprised the scores were even as close as they were. He may pick his fights but he sure won this one deservedly. [/spoiler]

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Just wanna say: when Khan lost vs Prescott I said Freddie Roach was the problem and if he left him he wouldn’t lose, everyone called me an idiot.

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Still think he’s suicidal trying to push for the Mayweather fight though!

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So what if he gets knocked out in one punch. I’d take a punch from Mayweather for $20 million

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Maybe they agreed with you Alex, but just wanted to call you an idiot. You watching the Brook Gavin fight tonight?

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Go kell go!

Sheffield vs Brum @Easy

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Special K for me. Should be good though, I dont know how Sky think they can get away with charging £18 for the fight, its a good card but that price is a joke, its £2 less than the MayPac fight, I remember when UK boxing used to be just on SkySports 1.

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Then you’re crazy. Styles make fights. Khan has about 30 times more chance of beating money than Pacquaio did. If it goes down, I’ll be putting a lot of money on Khan. Virgil Hunter and Khan have so many skillsets to their belt, he’s gone from being an inconsistent superstar to
a boxer with almost no flaws.

@Noodle the chance of Khan getting physically knocked out by Mayweather is about as likely as me knocking Mayweather out. Common misconception that
A) Khan has a glass jaw, he has a very very good chin.
B) Mayweather is a knockout fighter, he’s not, he barely ever even throws spiteful punches.

Brook Gavin was stupid lol, I don’t mean it wasn’t a good fight, but it should never, ever have happened. How the fuck can you go from fighting journeymen, to someone who beat the fuck out of Shawn Porter?!

That’s how.

Kell “Cherry Picked” Brook. Don’t get me wrong he’s beaten everyone put in front of him, but he’s fought 1 person on an elite level. He shouldn’t be mentioned in the same sentence as Khan.

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I’ll accept being crazy! Chances are, the fight will never go ahead anyway Mayweather reckons his last fight will be by september, Khan claims Ramadan yet practices boxing which is haram anyway but that’s another story…

Khan will be a better fight than Manny I’ll give you that, much better range control and his height is an advantage that Manny didnt have. Still, that last fight he was still taking left hooks and straight rights both of which are money’s simple game. Along with Mayweathers precision I can’t see the win for Khan, either way I’d love to see the fight happen, mostly because I massively dislike Khan :smiley:

A) Khan has a glass jaw, he has a very very good chin.

I wouldnt say his chin is that good! he was wobbled a few times in the Algieri fight and its not like Algieri has that much power (though he does look HUGE now wtf :P)

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Khan has said he’ll skip ramadam if he gets the fight vs money.

In all fairness, it has nothing to do with height and reach, styles make fights! Khan has all the tools to worry Mayweather. You say that he took Left hooks and straight rights all fight long, let’s not forget that Algieri beat Provodnikov, it’s not case of Khan weakness, Algieri is a great fighter, no fighter could avoid those lefts and straights all fight long. Yeah he’ll get hit but he was not wobbled once, he took some bombs and stayed fine. Furthermore, Algieri is a bomber, if money were to come out swinging like that… well… money wouldn’t come out swinging like that, never has, never will, and that’s better for Khan… Styles make fights…

If you wouldn’t say Khan’s chin is good, then with all due respect you don’t know shit about boxing. Khan did not know what to do when he is hurt, that is the difference, he’s taken shots that would crumble many, but because he doesn’t know how to react when he’s hurt, he fights and he gets knocked down again - the general public see’s this and “OMG glass chinned khan lol easy knockout cant take a punch”.

I emplore you to actually watch some of his fights. To stay in against Maidana and actually BEAT him demanded a granite chin and a heart of champions, let’s not forget that Maidana beat the fuck out of Broner, no one says he has a glass chin…

Yeah he got knocked out against Danny Garcia but i’d reiterate, he was with Freddie Roach who was toxic for Khan, how can you fight on after taking a Danny Garcia left hook (which has knocked EVERYONE out when he’s landed it… watch… when your coach doesn’t know what to tell you… now he’s with Virgil Hunter, he’s not gone down once, what more proof do you need. (bar diaz, who he got back up and dominated, because his chin is very good)

Khan, was the only one who took a Danny Garcia left hook, got up and kept fighting for more rounds.

There is more evidence for god than there is for Khan having a bad chin, it’s just once a year boxing purists who decided that.

(also thank you for an actual discussion about boxing, I never get to debate with anyone anymore :stuck_out_tongue: )

edit: I would also ask, have you heard any boxing pundit or expert say Khan has a glass jaw? It’s only ever that guy in the pub who heard it once and thinks it’s gospel.

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BHop said he wants to beat up DeGale.

People on a page I use on FB preaching DeGale will knock him out lmao.

Froch said he will delay retirement to fight him but going on history, BHop is more likely to push the fight.

BHop KO rounds 6-8. BHop is too awks for someone as inexperienced as DeGale and hits very hard and went the whole way with Krusher Kovalev.

He said he is down to come over here too.

Froch UD. I think DeGale would dodge getting too close to Froch but would still get outboxed.

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please please please pleaaaaasseeee

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Fury Klit predictions? I’ve got Fury championship rounds

Also Lomachenko Rigondeaux confirmed, definite contender for fight of the year, and has the potential to be the most technical, sweet to watch fight ever. Yet I bet 1/10th of the people who watch Mayweather and AJ will actually watch it…

  • @Easy man i’ve just properly read that and seen it was you I swear if I told you my favourite rapper was tupac you’d probably get a tweet from man

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Tell me someone watched Golovkin Lemieux last night, fucking incredible display of boxing - mark my words now: Ward, Cotto, Canelo… no one will stop this man.

Abel Sanchez too nice with it.

also Murray Abraham: Murray UD
DeGale Bute: Bute championship rounds
Fury Klit: (predicting with my heart) Fury early on
Alvarez Cotto: Alvarez either UD or late KO
Lee Saunders: Lee unanimous murder

will refine them nearer the fights

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most in the world!