Community nights 2017

(Dean) #1

Starting in the new year we are making a huge push with SSRCG. While we are doing more commercial things like bringing back the tournaments, we want to also bring the community back together. To do this we will be starting up community nights once again.

What we want from people is to find a good day for the community and have this as a set community night. We will switch games each week and place the list up for the month. These will consist of us playing full custom matches on the game. We will do everything we can to try and balance the teams, but even if they are a little imbalanced it’s all just to get people back on Discord together.

I have attached a poll to the thread for people to vote for their preferred times. You can pick multiple, but Sunday evenings has been left off since a lot of the community raid at that time and it will severely impact numbers. All times are GMT, just vote for every time you can usually attend.

Week 1 - CSGO: The staple of the community right now, it would be silly to not have this on the list
Week 2 - Smite: The moba that @Easy played. For this reason alone it should be involved in this list
Week 3 - Overwatch: Probably the second biggest game for us right now
Week 4 - Community choice: Vote will go up on New Years Day. Make sure to include your suggestion on this thread so we can add it. People will then have a week to vote, let’s try and find something a little different.

  • Friday evenings (6pm onwards)
  • Saturday afternoon (12pm-6pm)
  • Saturday evening (6pm onwards)
  • Sunday afternoon (12pm-6pm)

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(Fatmanp) #2

Great idea. Ever since I gave up console gaming multiplayer I have not really had anybody to play with as none of my friends are interested in playing on PC.

(Thom Haas) #3

We prac Sunday evenings so that’s the CS team out

(Dean) #4

It’s a good job that Sunday evening isn’t an option then.

(Peter Woodberry) #5

Doubt I’d be able to make any of them but its definitely a good idea!

(Thom Haas) #6

6pm is Sunday evening you drama queen. 1v1 no scopes on smite dust 2 right now

(Dean) #7

Good job 6pm onwards on a Sunday isn’t an option! 3v3 UMP only inverted mouse on seaside right now.

(Thom Haas) #8

It’s your fault I can’t read fuck me now

(Dean) #9

How are you fit to lead a team?

(Gavin Rainey) #10

@frosty @TannerRob @SupaShock @Adzi wouldn’t be right if u weren’t there

(Rob Thomas) #11

If I’m available I’m game.


Definitely up for this! Time wise is awesome as well.

(Ben ) #13

Sorry all the games won’t be 1070 compatible


That’s fine, I run most at 1080

(Dean) #15

A whole 60 times a second as well.

(Fatmanp) #16

I take it a game like Rocket League will be one that many people on here own and would be a decent suggestion? Shame its only 4v4.

Few suggestions

Rocket League
Grand Theft Auto V
Left 4 Dead 2
Killing Floor 2

I would love to suggest games like RB6 Siege or Battlefield 1 but i don’t think many people own/play them.

(Dean) #17

Yeah Rocket League is big on here. I’d also love to do h1z1 but I think the lobbies are max 5 players. Never really played the others much, but I’ll chuck a couple in the poll.

Everyone through suggestions out!

(Gavin Rainey) #18

We can look into a private server for h1

we need more people to apply, when were done with xmas lets look into it.

(Ben ) #19

Private server would be bad boy.

(Fatmanp) #20

Just looking through the most popular multiplayer/f2p games on steam. Noticed Paladins is on there. Anybody played it?