Community nights 2017

(Dean) #21

Quite a few of us bought early access. It’s a fun game, but it tried so hard to become and Overwatch clone as Overwatch was about to come out.

By the time OW came out it was just a poor version of OW without its own unique twists. That was a good 8 months ago though.

The game was fun without a doubt, worth a pick up as its free. Not sure if it’s better than it was though, I’d like to hope so as they did a cracking job with smite.

(Gavin Rainey) #22

@Rod I am fucking ready my brother

Also dont wait for these community nights boys, just get in discord and see whos playing what

even those of us who are higher ranks in games wont turn you away to play


golf with your friends, and the new Ghost in the Shell SAC fps is out in beta now lets try it.