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Omg this is actually legit as well. Holy shit.


Introducing the Glove Case, featuring 17 community-designed weapon finishes. Unlike previous cases, the possible Special Items in the Glove Case are 24 all-new gloves. For more details click here.
Introducing the Radicals Music Box, featuring 7 new StatTrak™ music kits from “Radicals” artists.

Steam Group Lobbies

Players can now join lobbies created by members of their Steam Groups. For details, visit the Steam Group Lobby FAQ
Added the Steam Groups tab in the Friend Lister on the Main Menu.
By default, if you click Play With Friends and are displaying the Tag of one of your Steam Groups, your lobby will be broadcast to (and joinable by) members of that Steam Group. You can adjust your default lobby settings in the Game Settings menu.
Looking for players from your region or who share a common interest? You can search for new Steam Groups to join, view a friends’ groups by visiting their Steam Community Profile, or create a group of your own!


Fixed an interaction between defuse kits and water that would sometimes cause a defuse kit to be unable to be picked up.
Fixed miscellaneous vulnerabilities (thanks GeekPwn).
Players who get kicked from a lobby cannot rejoin for three minutes.
Fixed a bug where some potted plants were playing incorrect collision sounds.
Fixed a bug where some UI sounds would incorrectly spatialize immediately after player death.


Dust II

Removed barrels outside of doors leading into B site
Blocked visibility through some props around A site
Fixed some spots where C4 could get stuck
Fixed some minor graphical bugs


Fixed ladders on train cars so they no longer move the player view when attaching
Added more accurate collision for various models
Blocked visibility under some trains from far angles
Blocked grenades entering small crawlspace near popdog ladder
Raised pipes in tunnels near Ivy
Fixed a spot in T spawn where weapons could not be retrieved
Fixed some spots where C4 could get stuck
Removed that bump in T stairs. You know the one.
Fixed some surfaces playing the wrong footstep sounds
Some graphical tweaks

Updated with new content and lighting

Updated navigation mesh


Yup, that was my reaction as well heh.

(Sam Hather) #1634

Sadly they’re as rare as knives and no team ones yet

these are the weapon skins in glove cases https://csgostash.com/case/179/Glove-Case

Those duelies @Nodawe

(Gavin Rainey) #1635

They are as rare as knives because you see them all the time. Also reddit blowing up and having a negative reaction is because they follow the anti valve hive mind. Since star ladder did it with team logos a while back people have asked for these constantly so I am not at all surprised they’re here.

(Sam Hather) #1636

Yeah i’m not surprised either, thought they’d come with an op though.

And yeah rare as knives is only bad for someone like me who’s not gonna open a million cases to try get em and wont pay like £40 for some either haha

(Lethal) #1637

My favourite past time with my dad

(Thom Haas) #1638

Me dualies

(Peter Woodberry) #1639

Fuck I want some gloves but they’re gonna be so expensive for ages.


I really liked them when Star Ladder used them, though I’m not sure whether that’s because it was something new and out of the ordinary?

I think that the team gloves will be limited to the majors, in a similar way to stickers. That’s the only real way I see it happening because I doubt the organisations will allow Valve to use their images if they’re not getting a cut. I hope I’m wrong though because those C9 gloves look sick.

Edit: Just saw a comment on Reddit suggesting team gloves could be part of the souvenir packages as extremely rare items. That’d suck.

(Sam Hather) #1641

Never forget https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNFy1qxDhaM

(Gavin Rainey) #1642

(-.---.) #1643

Finally getting FaZe vs Optic boyys

(Peter Woodberry) #1644

Well played to Optic yesterday especially after getting smashed on train.

Rush proving hes probably one of the best NA players.

(Peter Woodberry) #1645


Godsent players from best team in the world to getting knocked out of ESEA Premier by a team not even in the top 30 in a Bo3.

(Lethal) #1646

RIP Godsent

(Gavin Rainey) #1647

With CADIAN on it for that matter


cadian wouldnt even fucking make it onto the SSRCG community team

get flusha onto nip asap

(C**t ) #1648

Crazy to think how dominant Sweden has been in the 4 years since CS has been released, but the past 12 months have been no where near the previous 3 years, there is easily a top team available in their pool of players, people just need to stop playing with people they like and play with people they can win majors with.

(Peter Woodberry) #1649

Yeah I mean NiP are still right up there but that’s it at the moment, there is definitely another top team in there they just need to sort their shit out.