DB FighterZ

(Sam Hather) #20

Down and B mate, conquers all

(Gavin Rainey) #21

good stream to watch

(Sam Hignett) #22

So how’s everyone finding the game so far? I’m never really properly went into a fighting game (only ever arsed around with SSFIV) but I really like the feel and style of DBZ so far and might actually give it a good knock and try to learn it a bit!

(Sam Hather) #23

Exact same situation here - loving it! Let’s have some noob fights

(Matt) #24

Loving it, only played one online game and got my arse properly handed to me.

(Sam Hignett) #25

I’ve only played against @DayC , @Scy , and @Veasu and I’ve been getting fucked hard so you’ll have an easy matchp!

(Sam Hather) #26

I highly doubt it, they’re all good at things


Feb 9th, soon…

(Adam) #28

Been going real hard with this, played in a local tourney and got bodied by some top Guilty Gear players. There’s a few things really bothering me but I’m enjoying it over all.

Playing 21/Goku Black/Yamcha.

(Fatmanp) #29

Is this any good?

(DayC) #30

I have it, just picked it up yesterday on @Scy’s recommendation and it feels well built and good to use. He is far better than me at the game and it’s the first time I’ve used one but my fear was the Hori sticks being too small for my hands and the F300 is a good size. If you have smaller hands I’d consider a Hori, they are a bit more compact and lightweight (F300 has a bit of weight to it).

(Chloe) #31

The F300 is great for the price if you’re playing PC. But I haven’t tried it on console yet. I need to try Injustice2. But yes I’ve had no problems being the best DBFZ player here using it.

(Gavin Rainey) #32

(Gavin Rainey) #33

Cheers Chloe, I don’t think I have you on steam can you add me? /id/ssrcg

(Adam) #34

Played around with a few different teams, ended up settling with 21/Yamcha/Goku Black. Doing pretty well with that team so far.
Been real confused by BP gains and losses in this, no idea how it calculates it.

(Gazza) #35

i take it if you lose to someone with lower bp you lose more?

(Adam) #36

Beating someone two leagues below me gave me the same BP as beating someone a league above me, then I beat the dude above me again later on and got double the BP. Seems a bit weird.

(Sam Hather) #37

Currently enjoying watching @Nyu get papped

(Adam) #38

About to stream some more, gonna fend off the tilt this time :sweat_smile:

(kyro) #39

Yo @Nyu, I’m in your pool at Vs fighting, but I’m against Go1 round 1.