Destiny 2 - September 8th - PC version confirmed

(Fatmanp) #22

I will be getting it.

Battlenet tag is

Fatmanp #2620

(Fatmanp) #23

preload done

(Matt) #24


(Sam Hather) #25

fucking hell that’s early

(Sam Hather) #26

Game isn’t showing up in my battle net, any ideas?

(Matt) #27

(Sam Hather) #28

I try and battle net fail

(Matt) #29

This is a stupid question from a guy who had two WoW accounts going without realising but did you get it on the right account?

Should look like this,

(Sam Hather) #30

I bought it through Battlenet, so i’m baffled

(Fatmanp) #31

That looks like the old launcher to me. Can you reinstall bnet?

(Sam Hather) #32

Cheers mate! Don’t know why it didn’t ask me to update - have reinstalled and game appears tyty :slight_smile:

(Sam Hather) #33

70gb holy balls

(Dean) #34

I assume you’ve fixed it by now, but if not force to update, that’s an old version.

(Fatmanp) #35

Mine is 36gb.

(Sam Hather) #36

Read as 63GB I AM RETARD

(Dean) #37

What’s the general consensus on this so far? Is it worth picking up, or a fad dead in a week?

(Fatmanp) #38

I have not had much time to put into it over the last few days but from what I have seen it is very much more Destiny but with more dynamic elements added into the world. The two hours or so I have put in has more story to it so far than all of the first game.

There are reports of some kind of memory leak which causes performances drops with lengthy play sessions. These seem to be fixed by restarting the game. The gunplay is very fun on KB+M. i think it is a game that you will just be able to load up and play when you have nothing to do so it is probably worth the investment.

(Ryan Roberts) #39

This. I need 6 characters.


Still not managed to get to grab this yet but got a mate at work who’s proper heavy into it. Cleared all content and maxed like 3/4 chars already or some shit. But from what he’s said he’s finding himself play more Destiny 1 than anything else atm as there’s just not enough content to keep people interested. The ‘hardcore’ raids give the same loot as the normal raids, but you get like emblems and achievements.

He’s enjoying it but essentially I think it’s the old case that it’s kind of like WoW vs’ other MMO’s even though it’s the same IP. Lengthy and worked content vs’ new and limited. So he’s finding things seem to be starting to die from the main playerbase, people only jumping on for the events on the weekends and such.

I think they’re mostly gripes that people who’ve played a shit ton of the first would encounter in all honesty though, so maybe it’s still worth a shout.

(Fatmanp) #41

If you experience weird hitching in open areas it is because the clan function is totally borked. You have to leave your clan as it is constantly doing something in the background which fucks with the game.