Destiny 2 - September 8th - PC version confirmed

(Adam Mackenzie) #42

Looking for people to play with, pvp or pve. lemme know

(Sam Connolly) #43

Scousers are on this, also honourary Scouse @Lex.

My battle net ID is SamC#2770 always happy to play with anyone, just give us a shout

(DayC) #44

Me, @Veasu and @Scy got the Rat King weapon today. Took 3 tries but finally got the last challenge to within 5 mins.

(Fatmanp) #45

I have been really enjoying this the last few days. Just got to lvl 20 and redeemed my EDZ tokens for my first purple gear. Felt good.Going to finish the story and up my light level. Anybody up for some strikes later this week?

(Sam Hather) #46

Why does the game insist on making me do platformy shit? I’m actually struggling to want to login again after the pain in the arse of jumping a billion times on the second planet

Overall pretty poop as a game but also fun so can’t really ask for more

Just less platform bullshit please

and wtf was that slowmo walking in the intro

(Fatmanp) #47

Creating that “Dramatic atmosphere”.

Shooting is really fun/simple. Even managed to enjoy some crucible earlier. I think this is going to be one of those guilty pleasure games like GTA V used to be for me. Shame I don’t know anybody who plays that game online.

(DayC) #48

Every mmo has its annoying parts and this is one that bugs me a little bit too. They put a jetpack in so I guess they just wanted to give it a place by adding verticality to the world but have ended up going overboard a little bit.

I don’t think that makes it shit at all though, the game feels solid to me and I’m very much enjoying it. Raid is out today and I’ll no doubt give that a shot.

Bungie just need to keep the content going for this, if it gets stale then I’d expect the player base to beat the scalability pretty quickly and drop out.

(Adam Mackenzie) #49

Im around about the same level, finished the story the other day. hmu Adamack#2495

(Adam Mackenzie) #50

So it took about 3 weeks to get bored of this game haha. What a massive waste of money.

(Ryan Roberts) #51

I’m surprised it took three weeks.

(Dean) #52

Make or break update for them.


Is the Clan dead? feels like I am the only one that has been online the past week

(Ben ) #54

If Noodle made it then more likely yes. He only hypes about games for a few weeks at a time before moving to the next, after planning all the end game content out on a spreadsheet.

(Dean) #55

Content dried up, new expansion out now though, seen quite a few online.

(Matt) #56

Been playing it, pass on this expansion. It’s pretty and there’s some decent PvP stuff in there but it hasn’t really added anything significant.

It’s similar to the House of Wolves expansion for 1. Wait for a big expansion like the taken king and get it all together.

(Adam Mackenzie) #57

Yeah, I wouldn’t recommend the expansion either.

Nothing of any value added, short, dull campaign. The new playing space is tiny, haven’t played the raid though so can’t comment on that.