Diablo 3 auction house gone tomorrow

(Dean) #1

It fell almost immediately to harsh criticism, but now the Auction house is closing its doors, will it be missed?Since its effective close in March 2014, the hellbound Diablo 3 auction house is set to close completely June 24.…

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(Paul Corkin) #2

I don’t think anyone will miss it tbh, took away from playing the game when you could just buy whatever you wanted with enough gold, Farming and looting it yourself has made people play the game more and more especially with loot 2.0.

(Ryan Roberts) #3

Do people actually still play Diablo 3? Easily the most disappointing title release for me in a long, long time.

(Paul Corkin) #4

I didn’t play after loot 2.0 was released although i do have max level DH, My brother played it all day everyday for past few months once ROS was released. They need to add some sort of PvP whether it’s dualing or arena style 2v2. 3v3 for me to even think about playing it again.

(Luka) #5

too little too late

(Owain) #6

Lonex will be upset.

(Mark Dornan) #7

Nobody cares …

(Randal Octagonapus) #8

I did one run through and I honestly found that boring enough… no idea how people grind it as much as they do.