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Hi all, this may very well be my first (or one of my first) post to this community, but I do a lot of lurking.

I used to be heavily into CS:S, Neocron 2, and WoW (playing since vanilla). Life and a wife happened and I’m a casual gamer nowadays playing mostly free to play games, such as Rift, LoL and Hearthstone and was introduced to this site by DayC.

But enough about me and more about the point of the post.

I was just wondering what the Diablo 3 community is like here, and if there is any sort of SSRCG clan?
I’m still new to the game having only played about a month after buying D3 in the pre-expansion sale and just having bought Reaper of Souls, so I don’t really even know how clans work, but it’d be nice to see some of you in game if you do play.

EDIT: P.S my battletag is RicTheGuy#2758 if you do want to add me and run through a few bounties.

(Gavin Rainey) #2

Hi Ric,

Welcome and I’m happy you decided to post :smiley:

I’m not a D3 player myself but I know @Galyx at least is from here.

Did @DayC ever tell you about when we played at a tournament for Halo 3?

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He probably did :smile:

Was it when his team won? I22 was it?
I’m guessing you were in that team?

Nice to meet you, @DayC had tried to tutor me to play various Halo games better, but as soon as I stop playing for more than a week I tend to lose all his hard work.

(Gavin Rainey) #4

i32 that was, nah it wasnt then

It was XL3 for Halo 3 when I beat him with the pad behind my head for top 16. :smiley:

Feel free to jump on any other games we play too, you planning on any LANs with us?

(Josh) #5

I used to play D3 when it first came out, when it was a LOT different to it is now. I stopped after (I think) a 400 hour glass cannon Demon Hunter and an 400 hour whirlwind spec Barb. It is either 400 hours on each or 200, not sure. Used to speed farm Act 3 for drops but it was ridiculous back then to find anything. I did however get pretty highly geared for the time, I imagine all my stuff is total shite these days.

Looked into it again for a little bit when they did an update which brought out paragon, monster power and the uber bosses etc. (think I got to about lvl 40 paragon on my barb). I didn’t stay long though, I think I may have been playing LoL as a main game by then.

I have looked at reaper of souls and it does look interesting just seems a tad expensive for what isn’t much, correct me if I am wrong. The crusader looks cool, but doubt I could be arsed to max out another character etc.

What is all this about clans and stuff then on D3 now?

Anyway I play CS:GO mainly at the moment, as do quite a few of us. How many hours did you have on Source?

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Ah ok, I don’t think he’s told me about that event.

I’m hoping to come to some LANs in the future, I’ve never been to one before as my main games were PC based when I younger, WoW raiding and CSS for the most part.

I didn’t really get into multiplayer gaming on consoles until the Xbox 360. Hours and hours spent playing H2 with mates but only split screen as I couldn’t afford WoW and Xbox Live.

I wouldn’t say I’m particularly great at any of my current games either so that might be a problem, but I’m always willing to get a beating and learn from my mistakes.

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I understand the skepticism about paying all that money for the expansion when at first glance it only adds an extra act and 1 extra character, but the adventure mode is what makes the game really now compared to what you are probably used to (or so I’ve been told).
The easiest way to describe adventure mode is that it feels like you are doing a set of Daily quests (although they can be refreshed by creating/joining a new game). You jump into adventure mode, open up the world map and Tyreal tells you to go do these 5 random quests called Bounties, almost like the random events you find in the world normally but they can include killing an act boss. After you have done them he gives you a bonus bunch of exp and gold plus a “Horodric Cache” (spelling?) which has gold, gems, some items and a number of “Rift keystone fragments”. Then when you get 5 fragments you can go activate a Nephelem rift. This is a randomly generated dungeon, with groups of elites and champions running round. Once you kill enough mobs then a Rift Guardian appears and you kill it. You then go talk to this Nephelem ghost dude who then gives you a bunch of gold/exp. Rinse and repeat. Personally though I prefer the quests to the rifts so i have about 200 fragments saved up now and only do rifts in public mode because it’s faster for me at my gear level.
Speaking of gear the new Loot 2.0 system has basically increased drop rates of Legendaries due to the removal of the auction house, and gears the drops you get towards your primary stat of the character you found the loot on, so on my Wiz pretty much all my Legendaries that I have found are +Int, or depending on the actual item they don’t add my primary, but they don’t add any of the others either.
The paragon points thing is cool too, it adds an element of the old “assigning points to various attributes” that I felt was a bit missing from the grind to 60/70 etc.
I’ve been told it is much a much better system and almost a completely different game then it used to be, but like I said I’ve only been playing a month or so.

I think the Clan system is just like Guilds in WoW (or any other game). From what I have read its just a community system, so I think there is a clan chat, you get alerts when other members ID a legendary or get an achievement,
The main reason I asked is that sometimes it just the world can feel a bit empty, even when running through in a public game when people just want to run through as fast as possible, get the quests done, then leave to refresh the quests. It’d be nice to have something going in the background that I can contribute some opinion or comments to.

As for my time on CSS, I probably had between 1000-2000 hours over the course of a few years, I used to alternate between that and WoW, and pretty much played every night after school and most weekends.
Towards the end I used to play a lot of Surf maps, and even had my own server and clan called ByB (which stands for Big Yellow Ball), with a group of friends. I think it’s still running but I lost touch with them after I stopped playing.
I haven’t really looked into CS:GO so I might have a look into that.

(Peter Woodberry) #8

Nice to have some new faces! I played D3 when it came out but it was my first Diablo game and quickly lost interest in it, especially when there was no PvP. Played Torchlight since then and actually think that its a better game due to mods and such.

(Blake) #9

Hey Ric, welcome to the forum mate :smile: I’ve played a fair bit of D3. I don’t have RoS though, but I do have a ~P65 Monk and ~P20 Barb who can both do MP10 alright. I haven’t played in ages though, not since before they released that huge patch which apparently gave D3 loads of updates (new skills/items etc.) that are now in RoS.

I’ve actually played since Diablo 1, but I spent thousands of hours on D2 LoD. D2 is so good.

I’d be willing to play some but as i said I don’t have RoS right now :frowning: One of the main reasons I stopped playing was because of the lack of community and the feeling of a ‘world’, like you said in your post. It was just constant solo farming or joining random games where no one really talked to each other. Still think that the game would have been so much better with custom games and open world PvP… I’ve heard it’s a lot better now though with RoS!

My tag is #Galyx2277 anyway if you want to add me

(Jiyaad Tahir) #10

I’ve never played it on the PC, but I bought it for 360 and really enjoyed it. I’ll be getting it for Xbox One when the Ultimate Evil Edition is out in August, I’m guessing 99% of people will be playing it on PC but if anyone is going to get it on XB1, then feel free to add me. GT: Colxssal

(Paul Corkin) #11

Played it shit loads when it was released, got maxed out and the started farming paragon once that was implemented, since then i haven’t really touched it. My brother is like an addict though on it, like 200 paragon on his main, sits playing it 24/7. I don’t see the point in putting loads of time into it anymore, i wish they would implement like a dualing system of arena style 2v2 or 3v3, would make actually playing it have a point.

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I must admit that I’ve been playing it a lot less since I started getting really into Hearthstone

I played a few hours today but then went back on HS. I’m only around paragon 25-30 with 1 char at 70, the others at between 20 and 60.

(Josh) #13

Recently bought Reaper of Souls, massively enjoying this game again!

(Paul Corkin) #14

Is it worth getting, i stopped at 55/60 whatever max was before RoS. Been thinking about getting it.

(Josh) #15

Yes 100% deffo, sorry it took me ages to reply. I have literally been working and then grinding this! It’s like crack.

(Paul Corkin) #16

aha I’m going to pick it up this week of g2a if i can get it cheap enough. I need something to sit and grind for a while.

(Josh) #17

I got it for about £20 off there, worth every penny. I have been smashing it and really enjoying it!

My demon hunter is an utter beast after like 4 days. I think I am going to get my barb up to 70 and do a female DH to replace the male one I currently have, just need to find the best way to boost the chars to 70.

(Nick) #18

Any HC players?

(Josh) #19

Streaming some Diablo 3 if anyone is interested. Pretty high end farming, 6 set Marauder turret build with Tasker and Theo’s etc.

(Nick) #20

pls don’t tell me you play softcore