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(Josh) #21

Why would I play HC? I don’t see the point in that tbh.

(Nick) #22

In SC there’s litterally no risk, make the game a bit challenging breh. I can level u to 60 in 1 hour if u want, and a mate can get u to 70 after that in an half hour extra

(Josh) #23

What is the appeal of doing HC? Do you get better gear or something?

I main a demon hunter and well they are pretty squishy when you are doing like greater rifts 30+, I would be inclined to do something like a crusader if I was going to do HC. Also if I died after like 300 paragon levels I would rage haha.

(Nick) #24

Thing about sc is there’s litterally nothing to worry about as you can die all you want, it means nothing.

You keep your paragon levels by the way if you die in HC btw

(Josh) #25

So a bit of a bump but I have noticed a few of you have started playing Diablo 3 again. I managed to sort out a character for season 4 over the weekend and am farming Torment 10 now. Would be good to get some 4 man parties going for all the bonuses.

I main a monk, but will more than likely level more characters over the season once I have sorted out the monk.

My battle tag is Freebird#2491

(Gavin Rainey) #26

Massive 11 month bump

Good to see some titles still hold on nowadays

(Josh) #27

Mate I have been loving this recently! Played it a few weeks before the latest 2.3 patch dropped which made massive changes.

@Ruff @Sith @Gaskin have also been playing. I think @Frosty has also started a seasons character.

I was gonna make a new thread but tbh thought bumping this was better :slight_smile:

(Matt) #28

Yeh did, @adzi did too. Enjoying it a lot since I got souls

(Josh) #29

I urge you to get to 70, do the quest for the cube etc and then get hammering in the rifts and greater rifts its so much fun!

(Dean) #30

We have an SSRCG community in game. @Bagelzend, @Frosty, @WoodchucK can all invite. Well, anyone can invite to the group.

(Peter Woodberry) #31

I don’t have it installed atm so cant invite personally, I swear I gave you leadership though?

(Dean) #32

Everyone in it can invite is what I meant.

(C**t ) #33

Sith#2785 for anyone that cares play it quite a bit at the moment, 250P seasons.


Back playing this again, thanks to @Sith and Hellspunk for boosting me slightly. 200p Season and clearing T9/GR40 atm Bagelzend#2765 =)

(Josh) #35

Ma man! I should hopefully get more of a chance to be on over the next few days.

(Rob Thomas) #36

I’ve been playing this a fair amount recently.

Think I’m 210p or something.

(C**t ) #37


Really looking forward to it, pretty awesome tbh. @Sith patch 2.4.0 stuff on main stage stream now yo

(C**t ) #39

Havent got a pass mate.


Ah sucks man, np