Diablo 3 Community

(Xenoscythe) #41

cheap as hell if anyone still doesn’t have it


With season 5 starting this coming Friday it would be great timing ^^

(Sam Hather) #43

I need sum1 to play with


Myself and Hellspunk will be whoring it up, unsure if Sith/Josh will be this season though.

(C**t ) #45

Will see, ill probably smash it when 2.4 is released but after that im not sure.

(Ryan Roberts) #46

Random one… I bought ROS thanks to @Xenoscythe’s post but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to being Act 5. It’s definitely installed correctly as I have the Crusader and I’ve killed Diablo… any ideas?

(C**t ) #47

On the main menu if you go to the game settings tab, can you change the Act to Act V?

(Ryan Roberts) #48

Nope, it only goes to act IV. I tried killing Diablo again and it’s the same.

(C**t ) #49

Strange, i found this online ( http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/14278687835?page=1 ) not sure if youve tried some of the things in the thread.

(Ryan Roberts) #50

Cheers, I’ll try that validation tip they mention.

(C**t ) #51

Id say by now it should of validated but it wont hurt.

(Ryan Roberts) #52

So it was me being a moron… all working now. Playing through Act V at the moment, can’t believe it’s the same game at times, feels a lot more polished. Looking forward to trying adventure mode etc.

(Rob Thomas) #53

Anyone fancy power leveling me?

Already got a DH & WD to 70 and I cba to do it again.


What class you looking at? My DH is on GR70 atm so can boost np, though i might not be on until Sat night now

(Rob Thomas) #55

Either a Wizard or a Monk, haven’t decided yet.

(Paul Corkin) #56

Anyone playing s6? Started today just to get the cosmeitcs honestly.