Dreamhack Cluj

(Gavin Rainey) #1

I would love to have gone to this event.

October 29th - November 1st


What are your picks?

(Gavin Rainey) #2

A -fnatic Cloud9
B - TSM G2.eSports
C - VP NiP
D - EnvyUS Na’Vi

Close matches coming from A, B, C and D.

IMO the qualification process for this Major was the best, and competition is the highest ever.

That team density is unreal. Vexed put in WORK to beat HR to make it, what a rumble that was.

(Peter Woodberry) #3

I agree with your group predictions although on their day LG could beat C9 and Titan could beat NiP I reckon.

This is the strongest team lineup of any major though so hopefully there will be upsets.

(...) #4

Fnatic and C9
Tsm and g2
NIP and VP
Envyus and split between dig and navi.

From pro league the other day TSM looked to outclass VP, Karagin going HAM with 3ks left right and centre.

(Gavin Rainey) #5

Welcome to the forum! What brought you here?

I agree, but look how good VP looked at Dubai, and remember when they get rolling on LAN.

Titan for me (online is all we have really) are still in early days, lower teams ScreaM beats them and Top teams they come close because they anti strat well.

TSM were 33/36 wins, all 3 loses to NiP who have been FIRE last few games, even Fryburger doing well.


The casters/analysts line-up is great. The only person I’m not too fond of is Mantrousse.

(Gavin Rainey) #7

I think Mantrousse is a good interviewer, hes getting better at least.

Otherwise its the best for me.

R.Lewis is the best at hosting an analyst panel, he knows the scene well. SirScoots would do it for me otherwise, but he said R.Lewis is better on his last SAD cast on twitch. Redeye is very good at what he does, no coincidence that him going to GFinity resulted in exponential improvement on their lans.

Thorin is the #1 analyst. Fifflaren isn’t so strong, but if he is aware he may up his game. Natu knows his stuff too. Moses is top tier stuff, rate him completely and casters go in this order for me:

DDK (Black)

(...) #8

Hey bud,

It’s Ross, Doves beardy lanky mate from i55. Finally found the forum and steam group the other day, hoping to see what the crack was for next lan/ stacking as I’ve become a cs convert since.

Haven’t seen too much of Titan as only seem them a couple of times.

In regards to talent, I have very little input. Montrousse’s accent annoys me. The only thing I can really contribute is that red eye as a panel host is amazing. Had a pint with him at esl Frankfurt/cologne and a really nice guy that admits he knows very little about certain games (dota) at the time however, he engages and keeps the conversations between panellists and interviewers seem so natural. Valve had him at TI this year which says something.

(Gavin Rainey) #9

Is it worth us getting a panel on the fantasy team, and the pickems so we can all get gold?


(Gavin Rainey) #10

Updated with group brackets!

(Peter Woodberry) #11

Some sick matchups in the first round. Gonna be hype!

(...) #12

Not sure whether fnatic are saving for cluj or not, but the other night seemed strange as fuck.

Watching FAceitproleague, and they were playing Hellraisers. Hellraizers went 12-3 up (HR Started CT). Fnatic then went on it to win, 16-13.

I was like wow they seem out of shape, but at the same time, JW purely played with Swag7 or Sawn-off, and was giving the reclaimed awps to olof. Strangeness indeed.

Either way, stuck a fiver on TSM to win. Betway now do E-sports betting?!

(Peter Woodberry) #13

I havent seen much of the T1 teams recently but I think TSM are looking strongest from what I have seen and their recent record is pretty obseen.

(Van Slab) #14

@Easy Sorted out radio for me m8?

(Gavin Rainey) #15

links not up yet wiull txt when it is

(Van Slab) #16

ty dad not working for me tho

Did Thorin get a new jacket?

(Gavin Rainey) #17

ill keep trying



(Peter Woodberry) #18

Called it, didnt see the C9 game but I think Titan played well although they should have closed it out way before NiP got 13 rounds.

(Gavin Rainey) #19

well done on calling a 50/50 mate :smiley:

cloud9 looked shit

(...) #20

Didn’t get to watch any yesterday as was working, watched C9 v vexed and my god they looked shaky.

Read on Reddit yesterday that it was apparent that when you stop their round snowball, they go to shit.

Vexed proved that 3 rounds in and the whole first half they were just trading.

They were so shakey, both freak and shroud looked average. Sqares is on form though.

Post match, nothing said they are all suffering pretty hard from jet lag aswell.

Anybody watching today’s games?