Dreamhack Cluj

(Gavin Rainey) #21

Freak was the best player on C9 vs vexed mate, he even won MVP.

(DayC) #22

My favourite player in CS atm, great personality.

(Gavin Rainey) #23

I play entry like him, not as well obviously but I play a lot of his spots and emulate what he does.

I don’t really care for personalities in CS though, because reddit ruined it for me.

(Dean) #24

So you’re admitting you’re a role player?

(Ben ) #25

Busted! @

(DayC) #26

Bet you flex harder though lad I’m not as deep into the CS scene as you though, if I was i’m sure I wouldn’t care for personalities. It’s a novelty but helps casuals like me decide which teams to support.

(C**t ) #27

See You C9.

(Hamzah) #28

i don’t know what’s happening apart from the fact my pickem is fucked

(Gavin Rainey) #29

if i get them all right now im gold, no room for error though

you fucked it then?

(Peter Woodberry) #30

I didnt bother with pickem this time and I am glad I didnt attempt it.

Can’t believe G2 choked that in OT, Jkaem and Rain are mental players and Fox really stepped it up.

(Hamzah) #31

yeah i can’t get gold anymore as i needed to hit all three semis/final predictions and i got NiP/NaVi wrong