E3 2016 Discussion

(Fatmanp) #21

Apparently Crackdown 3 is coming to PC as well. There is literally no reason to own an Xbox One.

(Fatmanp) #22

Game of the show is clearly the new South Park game.

(DayC) #23

Master Chief Collection, you know you want it.


New South Park? Hell yes xD

(Gazza) #25

sony just shat on everyone

shame no last of us 2 tho

(Lethal) #26

Hope to god RE7 isn’t a shitty action horror game like RE4, 5 and 6. Looks pretty solid at the moment going back to its roots.

(Fatmanp) #27

Really? For me the PC won the day.

(Yan) #28

Hopefully the full game is like the demo, it’s awesome.

When it first came on I thought it was PT back again, was a pleasant surprise tbh

(Lethal) #29

Yer it definitely made a nice change. I’ll be buying this on the PC for sure.

(Gazza) #30

why did pc win it for you?

(Fatmanp) #31

All the best XB1 games are coming to PC, Xbox Scorpio is a console manufacturer embracing the PC way of upgradeable hardware.

(C**t ) #32

I agree with you. On a different note looking at all the conferences, with regards to VR, I feel the consumer is the loser.

(Yan) #33

“Here’s two new Xboxes, and here’s a dozen reasons you’d be an idiot to buy them” - Microsoft conference summed up

(Sam Hather) #34

(Sam Hather) #35

(C**t ) #36

Quantum Break launched with some abysmal issues, Ultimately people don’t care what store it launches on, they just want a well made game that runs well, while having all the features that are expected of a PC game, its just a shame MS don’t understand that.

(Matt) #37

Because he has one that can run games

(Dean) #38

Ended up watching some guy go over the history of Doom and Quake on Youtube, and took a second look at Quake Champions since I instantly wiped it off. I found this on Wikipedia “The game is promised to be a “fast paced arena based shooter” and it’s not set to be released on console, due to director Tim Willits’ words: “We want no excuses, no limitations”.”

Tim Willits was one of the original designers of Doom and Quake, so I’m genuinely curious if this could be the time they finally get it right. Hoping we can finally see a better Quake than Quake 4.

(Lethal) #39

Quake 4 was the best in the series though wtf

(Xenoscythe) #40

give it up friend, it ded