E3 2017 Thoughts?

(Lethal) #1

Anything you guys have liked or enjoyed so far? Or plan to watch over the next coming days?

XB1 titles seemed dull and boring with maybe only 1 game I’d potentially buy if I gave much of a shit about it. I heard the slogan ‘4K’ about 10,000 times when they can’t even get past the 30fps threshold on some if not most of the titles. Xbox One X has been confirmed at the price of £449 which is pretty much a rip off. Why on earth anyone would buy it so soon I don’t know, some idiots will though.

Looking forward to the PS4 and PC conferences tonight and especially the Nintendo one tomorrow :harrygasm:

Dates and times for the remaining days are below.

(Xenoscythe) #2

If it can truly run pubg 4k at 60fps its worth 450 quid alone

Haven’t watched any of E3 but heard good things about something called Anthem?

(Matt) #3

Anthem, Sea of Thieves and DBFighterz

(Gavin Rainey) #4

this, proper Breath of the Wild syndrome aye, one game consoles.

I knew about DBFighters a few days before E3 so had already nutted

(Ryan Roberts) #5

So far so meh. That Anthem game looks promising, but that’s about it…

(Van Slab) #6

Still waiting for that Super Shag Fighter announcemwnt

(Fatmanp) #7

So far the only games that I have seen that have my interest are;

  • A Way Out - Co-op game shown at EAs conference
  • Ashen- Looks Souls like
  • Sea of Thieves - It will probably be a a fad but I am interested to see how it turns out

Imo Anthem looks blank as fuck, Battlefront 2 looks meh and I was so disappointed that Crackdown 3 did not get an onstage gameplay demo but apparently that is happening on a stream later this week.

Looking forward to seeing gameplay of Far Cry 5, Mario Odyssey and I am not even going to attempt to guess what Sony are going to do because they have absolutely dominated E3 for the last couple of years. Hoping that Smash Bros Deluxe, Pokemon Stars and Switch Virtual console get announced tomorrow. So far there has not been a single memorable moment but I expect Sony to change that tonight.

(Gavin Rainey) #8

Monster Hunter World looks nuts

(Lethal) #9

Hopefully Nintendo will be interesting tonight, still only got Zelda for my Switch.

(Gavin Rainey) #10

ill be in discord for it

(Fatmanp) #11

My main takeaways from this event are;

  • Destiny 2 - PC looks great. When they add in the already confirmed FOV slider it will be even better.

  • Super Mario Odyseey - Bbest game at the show. But everybody knew that would be the case before anything was even shown.

  • Lawbreakers - I have the Beta but have not played it but watching on stream has me interested to play it.

  • Anthem - Somebody needs to explain to me why this game is getting hyped up. It was a five minute gameplay of Iron Man in a jungle where nothing happened.

  • Sea of Thieves - I want to play this game.

  • South Park The Fractured But Whole - Epic.

One of the big ones for me was the announcement of a proper Pokemon RPG coming to Switch. Day 1 whenever that shit comes out. Battlefront 2 is essentially Battlefront 1 without a season pass. Spiderman looks like a QTE fest. God of War looks nice and I hope it has a more Zelda/Dark Souls combat style.

(Sam Hather) #12

That right there.

Also Bioware and Open-world RPG makes people cream

(Lethal) #13

Destiny 2 is going to be 4K at 30 fps on console :elegiggle:

(Fatmanp) #14

The only thing it has going for it is the lead writer did the KOTOR game and ME1 and ME2. I cant imagine this game hits net year.