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(Gavin Rainey) #1

Since I last wrote to you all a lot has changed and a lot of new things have happened.

The CS team has changed, Krispy is gone and a new player by the name of Joss has joined. Statistically he seems to be really on point and the lads all rave about his vocals. It is a shame we couldnt bring out what we wanted in Krispy but the best thing to do is to cut him off as a friend, rather than struggle on and begin to dislike/resent him. I think this is the right approach for like, not just CS. If you are in a team, a relationship, a work partnership with someone and they are really struggling even with your best efforts to help it is better to say it and maybe sever ties, as opposed to beginning to dislike someone. This works the other way, there is nothing bad about saying “Lads I am not cutting it here” or “it isnt working out” or “I cannot work under these conditions” in the right way and helping people progress, quite the contrary.

Luckily for me, with Jade, I have the perfect partnership, something that cannot be broken, challenged or stressed. Today we went for our 12 week scan for our second baby. I have built up from living in a flat sleeping on an air bed with just my xbox to having a perfect family, my queen, my princess and our new baby soon. With my mighty guard dogs protecting us, of course.

We have an incredibly extended family here with everyone I feel deeply for. When I announced it, we got nothing but love. I cherish everyone of you here, this is why SSRCG is what it is. We get people coming up commending the shirts, the teams, the community not because of any one individual but because of the collective.

Recently a lot more of us have been playing CS together, we have a community team going into the next ESEA season, it will be great. I can see incredible improvements in Smather and Prio from playing at a higher level. I think it is great I would love to see more of this. Also people just coming in to chat like SkinnymanP, I could chat for hours and you can really tell when people want to listen.

On this note, as we aren’t pursuing our Overwatch team, I want to try and get Veasu, Sync, Lex and anyone else involved more active, playing whatever. I think they are tremendous guys and I dont want ties to be broken because we arent playing a game so much. I see great potential in Sync, aka ManyReason and think he could be amazing at CS.

I also want to bring Frosty and his gang back into the fold. They left discord because of the performance issues, much like the CS lads did which have now largely been resolved and I really do miss Rob, Scott, Adzi, Frosty, Kyro being in the Discord channel to go in and laugh at James with.

I think the person I miss playing with most however, is Ant. He came to dadcon and every time I see him it hits me how much I love this guy, he is 100% genuine and a pleasure to talk to. We will get you back in the fold soon mate.

I also want to start a petition to get The Dice Man on for some Militia over the festive period.

I am pretty disappointed in how Overwatch has gone. I won’t go into huge detail now on what I think is wrong with the game but I think it is so friendly and lets people get away with so much. Any time I play it I get instantly triggered by the meta gods in every player and just go back to CS. Hearthstone is going a similar way for me too I think, this expansion the new mechanic of gangs doesn’t impact anything. Blizzard are literally waiting for the strong cards in midrange shaman to be patched out, by then a new adventure comes out the decks will remain the same mostly. There have been some horrible design decisions by them. On that note however, I had to stop reading /r/GlobalOffensive because of how moronic people are there.

I am not finding much time recently to play, and I bought a PS4 for FF15 which is a great game, so impressed. but as Jade is busy in the retail peak I will be on in the evenings more. This last few weeks I pushed a project that was in critical status to live, including doing a training session for 2 people over 2 days. Then 2 days of onsite support that turned into 3. I learned a lot about even if something is really REALLY bad, if you work hard you can turn it around. I have a tremendous amount of work but I enjoy it, and will be here for a while working things through but we

I think now, we all have to get christmas out of the way, support the CS lads in the ESL knockouts, and into the next ESEA season and start to get community events going. Something that helps at LAN is support from everyone. I always see Sherenne in our twitch chats, even though she doesnt play CS. Then next year we need to think how we can take over the world.

With the announcements of my personal life here, I won’t be at LAN in a full BYOC capacity, I will be there with the focus of supporting the CS team and seeing everyone however.

(Gavin Rainey) #2

Petition to get @The_Dice_man back on Militia this christmas

(Peter Woodberry) #3

Love these, always good to hear things are going well within the community even though I don’t have all the time to play CS with you guys when I do get the chance its always so much fun and a good escape from the sometimes stressful team side of the game!

After Dadcon I can’t wait for LAN to come around and being able to get my CS team to sit with you guys! (at last)

(C**t ) #4

How to Bellend 3? Is it actually happening?

(Gavin Rainey) #5

We should kickstart a motion picture mate lets get the blueprint out.

(C**t ) #6

Rodney Camera Man, Director, Executive Producer and Editor.

(Sam Hather) #7

Love you all x

(Ben ) #8


The Dice man has to meet the conditions of only holding 1 pixel gaps.

Nice read as usual :slight_smile: Chuffed to bits for you dude

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(Anthony) #10

:heart: SSRCG

(Gavin Rainey) #11


I got engaged to Jade on the weekend!

Also, The CS team and James aka Ogre have decided to go separate ways.

The decision was made not because of skill or internal conflict it was purely down to James university hours and work schedule being the only one that went against the grain with the rest of the team so now he will spend some time focusing on his academic studies.

Myself and @Nodawe cannot thank James enough for the continued high level of effort he always put in and the positive contributions he tried to make and I hope we don’t see less of you now kid.

(Adam Harwood) #12

Congratulations to both of you on the engagement!

Unfortunate about James leaving the team, but it is the correct decision. Work/studies come before a game. Best of luck with your studies James and also finding another player that fits the mold for the cs team.

(Chris Davey) #13

Congrats on the engagement man.