ESEA Season Preview, VAL League and Changes

(Gavin Rainey) #1

The ESEA season begins shortly however in light of ESL/ESEA wanting to help develop grassroots in each region, the season structure has changed.

In seasn 26, TeqR esports will compete in both ESEA Open United Kingdom and ESEA Open Europe.

Placing in the top 2 of ESEA UK Open grants you a place in the ESL UK Premiership, placing 3rd/4th in ESEA UK Open grants you a place in playoff matches vs the bottom 2 teams in the ESL UK Premiership.

The EU Open in ESEA Season 26 grants you a place in ESEA Intermediate/Main depending on your placing as normal.

This change is great in my opinion, it places a lot more responsibility on teams, 4 games instead of 2 each map and double the reason to play.

We are also in the VAL League

It looks quite like UK Minors but a fair bit better team wise and this time we won’t use it for a sub.

The lineup in the team is now:

Dream - IGL
HaS - Rifle
Joss - Rifle
ManiA - Rifle
Figgy - AWP

Prac is going well, the lads play a lot of 30 round games, there are some things to improve on, mainly comms and playing together but it is in a good position, tonnes of raw skill and enthusiasm.

Here are some of the things you can look forward to, when you join me in supporting the team:

Catching all the ESEA games from our teams POV with comms or being casted if I am unavailable.
Updates on @TeqResports
Results here on the forum
Noodles photoshop

Thanks for being here to support our own grassroots initiative.

(Peter Woodberry) #2

ESEA schedules are released this Friday (probably late around 11PM because America)

Will make a thread for the season when we get our schedule :smiley:

VAL League starts on the 26th this is our group (they called them divisions however they are not skill based)

Some recognizable team names in there but nobody too good for us to beat, especially since I won’t know half the players in each team I expect :stuck_out_tongue: