Euro 2016 Predictions

(Dean) #1

The BBC have set up a prediction website where you can predict the results of games and score points for it. I set up a league for us lot to see who knows the most about international football.

(Van Slab) #2

I stuck a fiver on The Netherlands

(Ryan Roberts) #3

Anyone up for a fantasy league, too?

(DayC) #4

@Tugsy my mate has set up a league

League code: 43634N47

(Peter Woodberry) #5

Joined yours Dean and I created an SSRCG league for the McD Fantasy league - 59824AIY

(Ryan Roberts) #6

35 points so far in the Uefa game - Schar, Dier, Sommer and Payet doing me proud.

(DayC) #7

I have 4.

(Peter Woodberry) #8

Bit awkward when you have Dier on the bench and Bartra in the Starting XI…

(Xenoscythe) #9

wtf, its deleted over half of my predictions