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Always on the hunt for new music so thought I’d start a thread where you post your favourite band or artist, and your favourite thing they’ve done in a song.


Don’t really want to just limit this to riffs, if you have an artist who’s a grime artist who you like and they have some amazing bars in a verse then feel free to use that.

But lets try limit it to something specific about the song that makes you like it as opposed to it just being a good song.

Could also be a cool technique an artist has done, I can’t think of any real world examples off the top of my head but in theory if you liked dance music and your favourite artist was the first person in the world to create a bass drop, that’d be a really cool technique to throw in.

My Entry

To get the ball rolling, my favourite band is a toss-up between Pantera and Alter Bridge, but been a Pantera fan for longer so I’ll post one from them:

Riff starts at 20 seconds.

Dimebag has always been pretty well known for his use of pinch harmonics in his riffs (that squealy sound the guitar is making that sounds like a weird mix of a high pitch bassy note) but when I first heard this, it just blew my mind, using them in every other note and still having an incredible sounding riff isn’t something I’ve heard anyone else achieve. The song was only found on their Live 101 Proof album and featured as 1 of 2 studio recordings on that album, the rest were just live tracks.

(Xenoscythe) #2

Extremely hard to not link another Pantera song here haha. I could’ve linked Walk, 5 minutes alone, Immortally Insane etc.

I genuinely cant choose between these 3 and seeing as you havent added a one song limit I’m quickly taking advantage :stuck_out_tongue:

I would love to pick something out of this song but its all amazing.

Cky - 96 quite bitter beings, Naff band in general but this songs main riff is the best bass riff i can think of off the top of my head!

Slayer - Raining Blood, That intro tho.

(Sam Connolly) #3

Still 3 beltas there though, 96 Quite Bitter Beings is probably my favourite song from any Tony Hawks game


Are the lyrics and vocal delivery of a song eligible for entry? Cool thread idea btw

(Sam Connolly) #5

Yeah absolutely, fully appreciate people don’t like the same types of music so wouldn’t make sense to limit it to riffs when the impressive stuff about people like rap artists isn’t really the music itself, but the lyrical content.

Any technique, riff, lyric or something which you find really impressive about a song.

(Ben ) #6

The build up from 1 min 1 sec right through to when it drops is one of my all time favorites. But what really tickles me in that unreachable spot is the drum and snare (Almost the same as the original Amen Brother") just before it drops. Oooooshhhhhh.


A sample was taken from the above track which basically is the foundation to pretty much any modern day electronic music.

"The four bar drum loop known for arguably laying the foundation of D&B, hip-hop, jungle, and countless other genres. Originally sampled from Amen Brother, a funk update by the 1960s group The Winstons; "

“The Amen Break reemerged after almost two decades of dormancy. Utilized for its 5.2 seconds of clean drums, Amen Brother and the Amen Break ultimately proved to be the catalyst behind a wave of sonic exploration.”

More info on this link below. Really interesting stuff.

And if you’ve got an hour to kill listen to the below BBC Radio 1 Documentary on the history behind it all. Learnt all sorts of interesting stuff.

(-.---.) #7

Knew about Ulver for a long time but only got into first listening to them about a month back, loving every minute so far. Got a new album out on the 10th which looks to be awesome.

2:25. Bass solo with jazz drumming gets me legit hard every time I listen to it. Pioneered jazz fusion in Prog in the early 90s. Also the album artwork is a vagina. Quality band if you’re into any sort of prog.

(Sam Connolly) #8

Not a big fan of Moody Stix, but Textures sounds really cool, prefer the chilled out parts to the metal parts personally but it’s an interesting concept nonetheless


My favourite band has to be AJJ (formerly Andrew Jackson Jihad). It’s hard to pin down any advanced techniques because of the punk, lo-fi and folk brush that they paint most of their work in (and also I’m a bit of a music idiot); that said, their range of instrumentation varies greatly, which I think is a great thing that too few bands utilise. Most of their beauty for me comes from the lead singer, Sean Bonnette’s lyrics and subject matter, and in particular the way in which he sings them. I wouldn’t consider him a good singer, but there’s a difference between tune and tone when it comes to singing, and I think Sean nails the exact emotion and tone he should be singing with on each song, based on their subject matter and instrumentation.

I really would recommend anything off the album ‘People Who Can Eat People Are the Luckiest People in the World’, indeed the whole album itself. It’s a very short one, only about 35 minutes I think, conceptually I think it’s all about human nature, how awful and great humans can be - it’s a theme in a lot of their music, but it’s prevalent in this album and their album Knife Man in particular.

It’s really hard to pick a favourite moment or song, I just love their albums and live performances overall, but I’ll link this because I love the story in it - Art’s ability to move us to tears, and how important art and artists can be.

(Rob Thomas) #10

The riff at the start is amazing, but when the bass and drums kick in at 0:40… Sends me to another world every time.

Not sure if it counts, but from 3:05 till the end is just pure amazing.

The riff at the start.

(Gavin Rainey) #11

Probably my favourite song overall of all time and I only recently (last year) properly started pumping tool.

edit: new video, check 0:43

10,000 Days is crazy, crazy good and helps me focus when I work, I feel like I am at 1.25x when I listen to it.

(Sam Hather) #12

As most people who know me know, I absolutely love all music including all faggotry so i’ve split mine up per genre bla bla.

I’m going to link to the appropriate parts of the songs as I’ve literally felt unable to choose only a few.

Favourite Band - Brand New
Absolutely love everything about Brand New and the way they make me feel like the suicidal angsty teenager that I am.
They’re one of those early 2000’s bands that absolutely blew my mind as a kid and still do today tbf.
I feel like they convey emotion really well with their instrumentals…

Favourite Electronic Producer - Mat Zo
My favourite of all the jews (fuck you Hyams), I don’t think anyone spans as many of my favourite genres of electronic music (apart from maybe Noisia) and hits the tone so well. The soundscape that Mat creates is incredible imo, and he’s always pretty good at blending a nice voice into his music.

He also makes the best remixes of songs (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TS25TjKAtT0 / THIS NOISIA REMIX - https://soundcloud.com/noisia/mantra-mat-zo-remix/s-3tq9G)

Favourite Electronic Song: Deadmau5 - Strobe
This song is pure euphoric eargasm for me, constructed so well.

Favourite DnB Song: MRSA - Chemicals
Mat Zo’s DnB pseudonym, reminds me of the good times.

Favourite Heavier Dnb Song: Noisia & The Upbeats - Dustup

Favourite Post Hardcore Band: Dance Gavin Dance
Have loved all the iterations of this band with their 550 different lead singers.
Particularly with Jonny Craig, man sounds like an angel sometimes.
Think their instrumentals are absolutely incredible.

Would say these are my second favourite band, gotta love a bit of metal for faggots :smiley:

Favourite Classical Song: Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata
Don’t think this one needs an explanation tbh… absolute belter. (Hedwig’s Theme gets a close second here - John Williams you beauty.)

Hip Hop and Associated Genres: Akala - Find No Enemy
Absolutely love this guy, chuffed I got to saw him in one of my locals in Huddersfield not too long back, love his flow and what he talks about.

Sorry for ruining your thread @prio

(Matt) #13

Does Joker and the Thief count?

(Sam Connolly) #14

Belter of a riff that.

Basically everything counts

(DayC) #15

Don’t think i’ve seen a better description of a Beethoven tune.

(Sam Hather) #16

Mate it is, it goes off in measure 49, it contains G# - B# - D# - F# a G# dominant 7th chord, what more could you want?!


Absolute anthem, my lad Beetho keepin the rave alive

(Yan) #18

The song that made me start playing guitar in the first place

4:17 onwards, it’s magic.

There’s a lot of MBV songs I could have chosen to illustrate the point, but this one in particular sends me into a fucking trance. I can’t get enough of that whammy bar strumming, sounds like it’s drowning in a black hole.

2:18. Doesn’t hurt that the guitarist is waifu material either

I love the whole song but the little 40 or so second solo at the beginning puts me in such a good mood every time

Marr at his best

Ending makes me want to kick a door down

(Dean) #19

A bassline

(Xenoscythe) #20

He had one!