Favourite Streamers?

(Xenoscythe) #1

Constantly have either Netflix or Twitch on my 2nd screen whilst working, any recommendations?

(Anthony) #2

All depends what you’re into.

I like Amaz for Hearthstone for the entertainment he provides while wrecking others. I rarely watch League streams anymore there are too many people putting on a show. Mainly I tune into speedrun channels, mostly SM64, SMS and FF7-10 runners.

(Gavin Rainey) #3

Carnage64 - top ff7 runner
xerokynos - mad ff7 runner made all his own made categories like 100% pc, good player
firedragon764 luigis mansion, super mario sunshine and mario kart 64 runner, amazing personality

the two above are the best ocarina of time 100% and sm64 runners, nero is good too but punc will beat him soon.

I will add some more.

(Lethal) #4

I don’t really have any favourites. My choice of streamers varies literally every week.

I normally lurk through Resident Evil or Retro speed runs.

(Hamzah) #5

what games u into?

qtpie and pobelter for league, F O R S E N for HS, for cs it varies but i don’t mind a bit of summit

(Dean) #6

Paszabiceps for CS, and Izakooo. I don’t care that I understand nothing they are saying, just good quality CS. Pasza hardly streams though. Aside from that just whatever tournament happens to be live, always something on somewhere.

Oh, also there is a 24/7 vod channel with 6000 vods between 2002-2012 for Broodwar. Probably the best channel on Twitch although most of it is in Korean.

(Gazza) #7


(Breese) #8

Witwix is always entertaining. He speed runs I wanna be the boshy.

(Paul Corkin) #9

Lirik for casual shit, Pasha, Summit, Shroud for cs.

(Gavin Rainey) #10

For CS I pick:


(Adam Mackenzie) #11

TimTheTatman never fails to make me laugh.


I tend to watch Summit 99% of the time. I’ll occasionally check out Pasza, m0e or minikerr for some CS and the Halo channel if there’s something going on.

(Xenoscythe) #13

Some great recommendations here guys keep em coming :smiley:

Watched some Timthetatman @Adamack , hes enjoyable for csgo, not the greatest player but a good entertainer, thanks for the recommendation.
Havent watched any speedrun channels yet but will definitely give them a try!
Hearthstone I’m not a fan of Amaz @An7 he’s too high pitched and screamy for me, I like my streamers full on barry white and chilled out preferably! Good hs player though i learnt quite a lot.


t.tv/darienlol and /cyanide for LoL

(Xenoscythe) #15

2 years on, anyone care to update?

Loving https://www.twitch.tv/grimmmz at the minute, super chill PUBG player, informative and interacts with his chat quite often. Plus hes sick at pubg.

(Lethal) #16

Deuces56 is still a mental streamer.

(Ben ) #17

Drdisrespect is my favourite at the moment. Bat shit crazy and a decent player

(Gavin Rainey) #18

find me a nicer dude

(JadEasY) #19

Find it sad that i was not listed in this thread… i was clearly the best streamer. :kappa:

(Peter Woodberry) #20

Still watch the regulars of Summit, JoshOG and Shroud. But I’ve been watching this new UK streamer recently called BreaK - https://www.twitch.tv/break

Hes a pretty chill dude, good at the games he plays as well.