Favourite Streamers?

(Dean) #21


I really enjoy watching Grimmmz play PUBG, guy is a monster and it’s refreshing to see someone with such a positive attitude get so many viewers.

Noticed my old post and honestly I really don’t have a clue why I posted those two. While they are cool dudes, they didn’t and don’t stream consistently. I have however watched Wingsofdeath pretty much daily, with a few breaks in between since like 2012. It’s been like a guilty pleasure of mine or something :grin:, I however can no longer stand his salt and league isn’t all that interesting anymore…
…so I’ve been watching Lirik for a good few months now, turning on his stream has become the first thing I do when I start my shift.

AndyMilonakis or Reckful IRL streams are also fun sometimes.

@Smidsy I too sometimes watch the Doc and I actually quite like him but I also kind of forced myself not to fall in love with his stream after hanging out for a while and watching the chat do it’s thing and that. I hope this doesn’t come of as arrogance but I think a portion of his viewers don’t see that he is playing a character with the way he conducts himself.

(Gavin Rainey) #23

I don’t think you’re wrong there with Docs chat.

People think the CS streamer Steel isn’t dramatising when he gets mad either.

(Lethal) #24