(Ben ) #1

So is any body here going to any festivals this year? If so which one and why did you choose to go to that one?

I am going to Shambala this year just because its a smaller more intimate festival but with a banging line up. Loads of craft stalls and activities through the day and then good tunes by night. Get to enjoy the atmosphere more with friends and not be as crammed.

(Ryan Roberts) #2

Went to: http://www.austinpsychfest.com/ in Texas, was incredible.

Going to Liverpool Pyshfest later this year, but that’s not a proper festival.

(Dean) #3

Liverpool Psychfest? Isn’t that just a walk in the city centre?

(Gavin Rainey) #4

A few of us are going to www.insomniagamingfestival.com but I heard you were only a gold nova so you can’t come in.

(Adam) #5

Been to a ton of not too big festivals, but the best by far were WOMAD and Wicker Man. Been years since I’ve been to one and I miss it, wouldn’t mind going to another, need some live DnB.

(Ben ) #6

Heres on of my DnB mixes to try and fill that void in your life. Best one ive been to was Bangface a couple of years ago. It was on a Caravan site down in Newquay. You stopped in 8 berth caravans for the weekend which was much better, and was just DnB/Jungle/Hardcore/Breakcore and Gabber all weekend! Looking forward to Shambala even more now ive found out AndyC is playing.

(Webb) #7

sick man see you at sham

(Sam Hather) #8

At Creamfields for the first time ever this year! First time I wont have been to Leeds in like 5 years.

(Gavin Rainey) #9

Youre going to Shambala, isnt it the same wkd as iseries?

(Ben ) #10

Yeah shambala is August Bank holiday weekend.

(Gavin Rainey) #11

thanks for confirming, even though i wasnt talkign to you

Bellends assemble tonight?

(Ryan Roberts) #12

Nah man, it’s in a venue in Liverpool called Camp + Furnace


(Ben ) #13

I know you wasn’t talking to me I was just confirming the date. And maybe yeah might be about half 10.

(Webb) #14


(Ben ) #15

Haha have you booked both?

(Webb) #16

I’ve bought my ticket for Shambala yer :confused:

well, paid for it