Film Discussion Thread

(Adam) #1

A place to discuss any and all films, old or new, bad or good.

My favourite film: True Romance

True Romance is the only film I’d actually give 5 stars. Love everything about it.

Honorable Mentions: The Matrix, American Psycho, Reservoir Dogs, American Beauty, Donnie Darko

(Adam) #2

Just watched Edge of Tomorrow and was pleasantly surprised. Went in expecting a pretty generic action film which was trying to hard to be intellectual. What I got was Groundhog Day meets Starship Troopers, and it worked. The visuals pretty damn good and I was really impressed with the alien design. If you struggle to explain to someone how the aliens look then who ever designed then has done a great job. The story was good as well, it made sense and the writers didn’t spend too much time showing the same things over and over, which could have easily have made it boring. On top of that Tom Cruise was actually pretty bearable and I think Emily Blunt did a good job playing the hard to get to know but nice really supporting female.

Can’t say much more without spoilers but I’d definitely recommend it.

(Paul Corkin) #3

I’ve heard a lot of positive comments on it as well. Have to give it a watch.


Niiice! I was actually contemplating making this thread myself.

OT: Watched A Million Ways to Die in the West today. Absolutely horrid, barely managed to sit through it. Can’t believe Charlize agreed to star in this pile of wank, I actually have mad respect for her.
Going to watch The Terminator tonight, remastered, in crispy HD, should be good.

(Dean) #5

(Adam) #6

Got dragged to see that the other day. It had a few funny moments but MacFarlane tried way too hard with a lot of the jokes. There was way too many desperate cameos too. ‘Look it’s that guy! He’s funny right?!’. MacFarlane should stick to cartoons.


(Sanchez ) #7

Looks like these 2 films will be a must watch ,. As a side note WTF is going on with idris`s accent

(Gavin Rainey) #8

@Sternritter Idris Alba lived in America for a while, spent a lot of time DJ’ing there too

(Sanchez ) #9

Ye ive heard him in clips from the wire before ,he sounds better

(Adam) #10

I’m really looking forward to this. The whole idea’s great and the problem with the first one was that it was all set in one house. This completely gets rid of this problem.

(jbssteve) #11

i had the same thoughts before wastching it that it may be a bit repetitive but thankfully it didnt carry on different days too much. Definitely the best film ive seen this year, looking forward to seeing 22 Jump Street soon . Not too sure on Transformers , yes i love watching giant robots beating the crap out of each other but whether or not michael bay is draging out the series too far we will see !

(Adam) #12

He’s definitely dragging it out. Transformers 3 was absolutely terrible. Should’ve left it there. I haven’t seen 21 Jump Street and I probably won’t see 22. Can’t stand Channing Tatum.

(Matt) #13

They are both amazing films, went to see 22 twice in the last week.

(Gavin Rainey) #14

@JadEasy wants to see 22

Should we go then ye?

yer yer yer yer yer

(Adam) #15

Love this guy

(Fatmanp) #16

Film of the year guaranteed

(Dean) #17

Go watch them mate. Awesome films.

(Adam) #18

I don’t believe you.

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(Adam) #20

Thanks. I knew there was a .gif for me to respond with I just couldn’t remember which.