Film Discussion Thread

(Rob Thomas) #182

(Fatmanp) #183

So Spiderman will be appearing in upcoming DisneyMarvel films after an agreement with Sony. Hopefully he is in Civil War like the comics.

(Lewis) #184

Spot on assessment of nightcrawler lol. Her was very good. Any one seen Kingsmen seceret service yet? Same director as original Kick Ass and X-men first class, might go and see it weekend.

(Lewis) #185

Statist, military propaganda trash glorifying a mass murdering psychopath.

(Sam Hather) #186

If you do let us know, it looks class and wanna know if it’s worth seeing mysen!

(Anthony) #187

I agree, and it’s obvious from watching it.

I still thought it was a good film, but maybe it was because I watched it while high.

(Lewis) #188

Went to see it earlier. Was wowfuckwow’d all the way through. GOAT film of 2015, I doubt any thing will surpass this gem. It was like watching Kick Ass again for the first time.

This guy is quickly becoming one of my favourite directors. Not a bad film to date.

(Matt) #189

The camerawork in Birdman was absolutely fantastic. Use of lighting throughout was ridiculously on point. Pacing was great, acting was top and I really liked the general theme of the film.

Seriously though, when I say the camerawork is fantastic I mean it’s probably the best i’ve seen in any film for a long long time. The amount of planning that goes into creating a 1hour~ sequence with no cuts that doesn’t feel dragged out or purposefully done is just insanely clever. I got a bit wet around 30mins in, but that might’ve been my girlfriend’s hand on my crotch.

Emma Stone was hot 11/10.

POSSIBLE SPOILERS DONT READ (NO DIRECT PLOT SPOILERS): Only thing I don’t really get is why they made the ‘anti-action/marvel’ thing so obvious when everything else was so subtle? Maybe to create a multiple layers that go from simple/complex like fight club? As it obviously took a good amount of inspiration from that including based Ed Norton.

(Lewis) #190

Yea, the camerawork in Birdman is the best I’ve ever seen. Incredibly immersive.


American Sniper will be a interesting watch. Love Clint Eastwood, love Bradley Cooper, despise American glorification of their military and just their general agenda and politics.

(Lewis) #192

Eastwood dun’ sold out with this one BIG TIME. The worst part of the film was where it shown the 9/11 attacks on television and then switched to Cooper being deployed to Iraq…

Political/military propaganda aside, as far as action, acting and pacing go it’s a good film.

(Spankpaddle) #193

To be fair and make a point, that was the reason Kyle, and most other Americans joined and went over there (Not going to discuss those choices, but its the reason). That scene had a couple of effects. It related to the military community because seriously its why almost all of them are in the military. The other effect was to carry on with the story and actually develop the character. It would have been awkward and felt forced if he had to vocalize his reasons for joining the military. That 45 seconds of footage was enough for most Americans (sorry its film by Americans for Americans in this sense) to sympathize with his cause and justifications.

Given how you need to wait 15 minutes to find out if he did shoot the kid with grenade at the start, I can see why, in the spirit of the films cinematography It would show the two towers then BAM sandstorm and shit show in the desert of Iraq. The footage and that cut was enough of an explanation to develop the character instead of having 2 other scenes and 15 minutes of WHY he joined the military.

This film actually paints Chris Kyle in a controversial light compared to how others knew him. I dont like that so much, but what Mr. Eastwood does do rather well is getting his cinematography to tell the story (think Black Hawk Down when they leave the FOB to assault the building in the City, there is only subtle music and next to no sound but it creates a tense atmosphere) and getting military facts as close to real as possible (even tho American Sniper falls short on this part).

So, what im trying to say, don’t read into that scene to much.

Oh yea, I do have a degree of bias even tho I try to hold that back when making comments such as this. I was in the US Military, I am MURIKAN, I like Guns and cups that hold more liquid content than your stomach could ever hold. But I knew some people that knew Chris Kyle and I grew up around that culture and environment.

(Lewis) #194

Kyle and most other Americans went to Iraq because of 9/11?

My criticism was that 9/11 had nothing to do with Iraq. Showing the 9/11 attacks and then Kyle fighting in Iraq made zero sense. The military invaded Iraq to take out Saddam Hussein (who we funded with tax payers money just a few years ago) and to find the weapons of mass destruction. The military invaded Afghanistan because of 9/11, not Iraq.

(Matt) #195

I think he’s saying 9/11 is the reason most Americans civilians chose to join the military, not why the military did what they did.

(Lewis) #196

Ah ok, but the way the film portrayed it was that 9/11 was directly relatable to the war on Iraq.

Kyle in particular also joined the military before the attacks.

(Matt) #197

I see. Still have yet to see it. I’ve never been a fan of 'murica war related films. They all end up, as you said, being massive propaganda pieces, regardless if it’s for one man’s ‘justice’ or whatever the fuck haha

(Spankpaddle) #198

Thanks for clearing up my point @Matt You are correct. In Chris’ case I can explain it, but its not a point for this thread as its lengthy and dives into a lot of 1 sided thinking that could potentially upset the views of others for one reason or another.

Just go into the film knowing that it is a movie about a guy. Not a war movie, not a podium, just a dude and his struggle. That’s what I do with most films, try and go in and see the story, how it was shot, and how its told. Just look at it for entertainment and fuck the message try and find something of value about it. Like how they handled PTSD in this case.

(Matt) #199

Anything will be better than ‘The Guest’ haha…

(Spankpaddle) #200

I was thinking more along the lines of Captain America Winter Soldier and how every PTSD scene looked like an AA meeting. Or how cringe worthy any discussion on the matter was in order to relate to a market demographic, or check off the box of demographics.

Never seen “The Guest” and after a quick stint on IMDB, might never touch it lol

(Matt) #201

Yeah it’s hilariously bad. It actually begins really well, almost with a sort of ‘Drive’ similarity in terms of cinematography. But then they go downhill with the soundtrack, acting, plotline, sets, characters and writing and it all just goes to shit real fast.

It’s good for a laugh though because of how stupid it really gets.

In other news I really want to see Big Hero 6! The lighting engine they’re using looks incredible.