Film Discussion Thread

(Lewis) #222

That poster is sick!

For me, it’s the most fun film I’ve seen since Kung Fu Hustle.

Thanks for the ‘happy meal’.

(Sam Hather) #223

I made that exact same comparison earlier today when telling my mate Jade about it because she bloody loves Kung Fu Hustle.

It’s just so god damn good and almost every minute is enjoyable.

(Lewis) #224

Ha ha, you have good taste my friend.

@Sith - you’re a Kung Fu Hustle fan. Watch Kingsman asap.

Everytime I think of the film I can’t help but grin.

I might watch it for the third time with my Dad tomorrow.

(Sam Hather) #225

Just incase you somehow missed it

(Lewis) #226

Hopefully Vaughn directs the sequel.

(Lewis) #227

Mad Max is getting insane reviews. Going to see it 2moro.

What a lovely day!

(Lewis) #228

Mad Max was enjoyable but certainly not ‘the best action movie ever’ it’s being billed as.

(Luke Lewis) #229

Is it worth going to the cinema??

(Lewis) #230

It is beautifully shot and looks great on the big screen, so I’d say yea. People seem to be praising the film way more than me, so maybe I’m one of the few who didn’t think it was ‘the greatest action movie in the last decade’.

For me though, it’s not close to the all-time action greats, including Kingsman.

(Gavin Rainey) #231

Robert Kazinsky is a good actor, always knew he was better than eastenders and he left stating his intention to break into Hollywood.


@Mckeever you gotta tell me what the fuck it is that you’re smoking so I know to stay the hell away from it. I can’t believe I’ve bought into your hype about the Kingsman movie. Literally have no words, given how you’ve been praising it like it’s the second coming of Jesus.

And how exactly is this movie R rated? The lodge scene in the beginning has what, five or six bodies laying there on the floor including one fully split in half yet not a single drop of blood ANYWHERE, not even on her crazy legit blade stilts. Oddly enough the church and the mountain hideout fight scenes have some blood… I’m baffled honestly.

(Sam Hather) #233

It was a 15 here? lol

What did you not like about it?

Do you like Kung-fu hustle?

I honestly cannot understand how someone would not find the film to be incredibly fun, honestly thought it was the best movie i’ve seen come out in a couple of years, was fully entertained the whole way through.

(Lewis) #234

If you don’t like Kung Fu Hustle, that will explain a lot. It’s just an incredibly fun film, I’m not sure if you were expecting it to be serious or not?

It’s a 15 here as smather pointed out.


Says it’s R rated on the imdb page. I mean movies like The Passion of the Christ and Natural Born Killers are R rated as well you know what I mean. Granted I didn’t know much about it beforehand besides watching the trailer briefly a good while ago. And yes I didn’t expect it to be a ‘comedy’, that aside though, it’s so fucking cheesy. Hands down when they showed the mountain hideout all I could think was Agent Cody Banks. :joy: …never watched Kung Fu Hustle so can’t say anything about it.

(Lewis) #236

Cheesy? I didn’t think so at all. The film is like a satire of spy, it’s meant to kinda take the piss out of the old bond films. Definetely wouldn’t say it’s cheesy.


I can see your point of it being a satire.

(Sam Hather) #238

Yeah like he says it’s meant to be satirical, I do see how you could find it cheesy due to this though as it has every bond film trope going, including shagging the girl at the end haha. it does take the piss of these tropes all throughout like outside the church when Samuel L Jackson is like “and then I tell you in a convolouted way what my plan is and then you escape in an even more convolouted way… well, this isn’t one of those movies”

(Rob Thomas) #239

Best film ever.

(Rob Thomas) #240

Highly recommend Whiplash.

Film is so good.

(Lewis) #241

FUCK the critics. Terminator Genysis is a fucking good film. Thoroughly enjoyed every minute and this is coming from someone who thought Salvation was trash and T3 was weak. Arny still got it, and the CGI for young arny is some of the best I’ve ever seen.