Film Discussion Thread

(Josh) #42

Just watched Lone Survivor…What an amazing movie! Based on a true story from the war in Afghanistan. If you enjoy war movies, I would highly recommend it.

The soundtrack is also by one of my favourite bands Explosions in the Sky.

(Greg) #43

I read the book earlier this year, the movie actually misses out a little bit. Worth a read if you liked the movie, definitely more embracing. Also read “Outlaw Platoon” before this which is up there with Black Hawk Down/Lone Survivor in terms of quality.

If you like your war movies, go check out ‘Generation Kill’ and ‘Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter’ (The original not the dubbed), both cracking miniseries.


gave Need for Speed a shot yesterday, had to turn it off mid way through though, no idea how one would manage to watch the whole thing, so God damn awful

(Mark Dornan) #45

Transcendence Is a decent film worth a watch .

Noah is just silly, a silly story that wasn’t worth bringing to screen, I don’t remember there being any transformers in the bible, however the acting was good all round.

Watched Locke recently, well good , recommend.

(Paul Corkin) #46

Enjoyed Get the Gringo a lot.


oh yeah forgot about Transcendence, like that one a lot actually, cool concept for sure, but I think it had potential to be something bigger

(Mark Dornan) #48

Watched Expendables 3 , tis crapola with side serving of extra crapola and crapola dressing of your choice.

(Adam) #49

Exactly as expected then.

Probably going to the midnight showing of Guardians of the Galaxy. Can’t wait.

(Adam) #50

So Guardians of the Galaxy was the best thing to come out of Marvel Studios so far.

(Mark Dornan) #51

Watched Captain america:winter soldier was meh watchable and Godzilla which was meh seemed to be a TV movie with some upgrades, what I liked about it was they went for the oldschool Godzilla, except they had to have americans in it, would have been much better with Japanese lead roles and some american military support.They even had the Japanese men running around with the white hard hats on.

Also just watched The Purge :Anarchy , watchable, unfortunately they still haven’t taken this concept to it’s full potential.

(Yan) #52

I haven’t seen Anarchy, but the first Purge was probably the stupidest and most implausible thing I’ve ever seen.

(Adam Mc Collum) #53

I watched Purge Anarchy last night but its a lot better than the first one but still kinda silly to be honest. Pretty sure there will be a 3rd with how they left it.

(Adam) #54

So I just got back from seeing Guardians of the Galaxy for the second time.

(Mark Dornan) #55

Watched Amazing Spiderman 2 , this isn’t going in the right direction at all, Green Goblin looked piss poor,Electro was like something out of Batman and Robin and Rhino… oh for fuck sake.

(Adam) #56

I’m just waiting for Chris Cooper to come back as Norman Osborne Green Goblin, he’s great.

Personally I really enjoyed TASM2, the bad guy redesigns weren’t great but I liked pretty much everything else about it.

It’s no Marvel Studios film though, wish they’d buy Spider-Man back from Sony.

(Mark Dornan) #57

Couldn’t agree more , Marvel needs to get it back from sony.

(Adam) #58

One of the things I want most from Marvel is a Marvel Civil War film. It’d translate perfectly to film and has a great story, but Spider-Man plays a huge part in it and as long as Sony keep making films it’ll never happen.

(Gavin Rainey) #59

Spiderman is the leader of a group even in the cartoon IIRC

(Adam) #60

Iron Man uses him to start the war and pretty much pushes him to the front of his group and makes him reveal his identity, then he switches sides to Cap’s Underground Avengers.

(Randal Octagonapus) #61

Guardians of the Galaxy was absolutely amazing, the story line, the serious to sudden Will Ferrell style comedy dialogue, the soundtrack, the characters and the effects were all amazing.

Even my girlfriend liked it.