Film Discussion Thread

(Adam) #102

Shazam, Cyborg and Aquaman all getting their own films, oh dear.


more shitty action hero movies. YAY

(Matt) #104

It’s not like they’re ALL EXACTLY THE SAME.

ohwait =[

(Greg) #105

Dracula Untold was average, not bad though.
I also thought that The Equalizer was a really good film, it was longer than I expected and I noticed a few people in the cinema getting bored thinking it would all be action, still not sure I’d rush to watch it again despite really enjoying it though.


TMNT - shit, as expected
Lucy - meh, expected better though
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes - not bad
Edge of Tomorrow - reminded me of Oblivion, such fiction, much science
Transformers Age of Extinction - didn’t even finish watching, yes… that bad
The Purge Anarchy - WAY better then the first one, which was fucking abysmal. yeah but this was better, and quite alright
Camp X-Ray - alright watch, but I’m biased

(Adam) #107

Watched Horns last night.
Not what I was expecting at all. Thought I was going to watch some stupid horror taking itself, way too seriously. Ended up with a complete piss take of a film. Found myself genuinely laughing out loud a few times. I enjoyed it, can’t decide if it was actually any good though.

(jbssteve) #108

Waiting to see interstellar for free in a week or two with a friend who works there. Anyone seen it yet? Saw nightcrawler too, thought it was a good film apart from they could of had more character development and the ending could of done with more work

(Fatmanp) #109

See it on Friday. It’s a good film, could do with being about twenty minutes shorter. I advise you to read up on black holes and worm holes before going. The only thing that ruined the film for me was the music was often so loud you could not hear the actors.

(Paul Corkin) #110

How long was it?

(Yan) #111

Annabelle was fucking shit.

(Fatmanp) #112

Nearly 3 hours


Getting tired of these over edited, CGI filled, bogus super hero fucking bullshit movies and the kind. I find it way more appealing now a days to just watch “normal” movies with good acting, story and camera work. Idk, maybe I’m just a hipster or I’m getting old…

(Paul Corkin) #114

Fuck that, im going to see it on Tuesday.,

(Adam) #115

Think I’m going to see it on Tuesday too, either that or Nightcrawler.

(Dean) #116

You sound like too much if a cynic. When did you last enjoy a movie? All your reviews are unimpressed.

(Paul Corkin) #117

Least i know it’s a long sit now. :slight_smile:

(Nick) #118

Watched After the Dark. Concept was cool but it was horribly executed. There was some minor form of ‘plottwist’ but fucking lol. No one in our group cared about any of the relationships that were shown. Sad attempt of humour too.

Into the Storm was better than I expected, but that’s probably because the special effects were gorgeous. There were some funny moments though, like people just standing near a fucking F2 tornado and it not having any effect on them lmao

Rewatched A Tale of Two Sisters too. Keeps being amazing.


Idk, I wouldn’t say that. I watched If I Stay yesterday, I enjoyed that :stuck_out_tongue:

(Paul Corkin) #120

Phatman was spot on with his Interstellar review, Music in some parts was deafening. Enjoyed it a lot though, Matthew McConaughey was great in it too. Hey even Eric from That 70s Show was in it which i didn’t know. You’ll probably get lost in places but well worth the watch.

(Matt) #121

Interstellar was incredible.

If i’m trying to be critical though, the ending felt a bit patched up in a way. It had it’s merits there but the main strength was the way the film built tension and portrayed emotions. Pretty sure it had a bit of everything.

The plotline just kind of enabled them to do that I think, kind of a commentary on human nature.

Go watch it in the cinema, I guarantee you won’t feel the same way about it at home. You need to feel it. As Corkin said, the sound is SERIOUSLY loud at some points. I’m not sure if that’s to contrast the complete silence in some scenes though? Either way, they probably could’ve done it without blowing out eardrums.