Film Discussion Thread

(Nick) #142

(Gazza) #143

I read somewhere that it could of been how he poorly made the lightsaber due to not having materials and that the side things where vents. Which i kind of got with how fiery it looked.

But since its been in star wars before i doubt thats true. I still dont know how its going to be used but im sure in the film he will prob use it in some crazy way.

(Gavin Rainey) #144

Who is it holding it?

(Adam) #145

No one knows. At the end of the last film there supposed to be no Sith left in the universe, but Revan was turned Sith by some force he was sent to investigate at the other side of the galaxy, so who knows.

(Yan) #146

I hope it’s as shit as the last 3 just because Star Wars nerds will be furious

(Gazza) #147

this would of looked better

(Adam) #148

Christoph Waltz confirmed for next Bond film.

(Gavin Rainey) #149

(Gazza) #150

i thought this was a reboot of the originals? i would of assumed arnie would of been a bad guy.

(Gavin Rainey) #151

No, its a new story iirc

(Gazza) #152

(Adam) #153

Can’t say I like Daenerys Connors, but it’s good to see the T-1000 being done justice with good CGI.

(Sam Hather) #154

Find it weird that people are mad about the crossguard on the lightsaber, if anything it would make complete sense and be better than a standard one… no way for someone to just slide down and chop your hand off lol.

(Nick) #155

can still hit the handle and chop that shit off m8

(Gazza) #156

its the fact a lightsaber could cut through the hilt.

darth mauls lightsaber got cut in half when it got hit

(Sam Hather) #157

Yeah, I didn’t actually realise that the guards had metal bits next to it, as I only saw the image you posted lol.

Atleast it looks different I guess

(Gavin Rainey) #158

The terminator timeline is getting complicated, but it looked quite good.


Agreed, I mean it’s not quite comic book level but I’m really looking forward to it tbh.

(Fatmanp) #160

They should never have ended the TV show. It was really good.

(Gazza) #161

terminator 2 - You can change the future
terminator 3 - nah m8 its all set unlucky
terminator genisys - nah m8 can change it all