Football Thread

(Nick) #1

Talk about footy and all that m8.

Champions League final’s about to kick-off.

World Cup starts on 12th June! Looking forward to seeing a large Everton contingent this time round.

(Rob Thomas) #2

Chelsea > Arsenal.

That is all.


(Adam) #3


(Rob Thomas) #4

Hull great team mate.

Top quality.

(Paul Corkin) #5

Halla Madrid!

Such a poor game though.

(Yan) #6

Money wins again…

(Peter Woodberry) #7

Revell scored this stunner to tie up the League 1 playoff final today.

(Andy ) #8

Did anyone just see van Persie’s goal against Spain? Amazing.

(Luka) #9

did anyone else see that sick goal in the back of the net whoah proper lad innit

(Dean) #10


Unreal goal, expecting him to try and control it and fluff it, then that happened.

(Andy ) #11

Spain just got absolutely destroyed.

(Dean) #12

I think I just wet myself in excitement. 5. Fucking. One.

World Champions incoming!

(Paul Corkin) #13

Just a blip for Spain. Bad day at the office so to speak. Keepers to old, useless.

(Xenoscythe) #14

(Yan) #15

Best night of football in years, fuck Spain

(C**t ) #16

Ramos was awful as well, the defending was so poor, and Costa was not the best.

(Andy ) #17

That precision, jesus.
Shame the pass from Daley Blind isn’t included in the gif.

(Nick) #18

Brilliant game last night. Reminded me of Real v Bayern CL.

No idea what to expect from England. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them dropping out the group or even making the final. Confidence and pace (if used) can go a hell of a long way even if you’re not that good. But Glen Johnson…

(Erlend Prestmo) #19

Italy don’t want to lose this game, therefore it will be a tie. Quote me.

(Dean) #20