Football Thread

(Gazza) #753

fuckin chelsea gonna be rip this season haha

(Xenoscythe) #754

“If Danny Welbeck had 4 shots at 2pac he’d still be alive”

(Rob Thomas) #755

(Rob Thomas) #756

(Xenoscythe) #757

(Rob Thomas) #758

When you’re mad you’re losing, but you then realize you won’t be there much longer -

(Rob Thomas) #759

Probably the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.

(Peter Woodberry) #760

Our boy Otis Khan

(Xenoscythe) #761

(Gavin Rainey) #762

get fat

that was the best bar

(Rob Thomas) #763

(Xenoscythe) #764

(Sam Hather) #765

So one of our owners other companies won the La Liga rights… cool, can we have a striker now pls?

(Fatmanp) #766

Cant wait for us to get rid of this fraud of a manager. Playing fucking 5 defenders and two defensive midfielders every week yet still conceding numerous chances every game.

(DayC) #767

Allardyce is that you?

(Sam Hather) #768

wtf is this

(Peter Woodberry) #769

The top comment is pure class!

(Xenoscythe) #770

Edit: Seriously though, why we aren’t taking a plan b like Carroll but are taking Welbeck blows my mind.

(Sam Hather) #771

u fookin wot m8 - 8 in 12!!! 8 in 12!!!

(Xenoscythe) #772

Tell you what, lads a master of falling over and tapping in goals.

I take it all back, Welbecks bringing it home.