Football Thread

(C**t ) #522

Even still the gap he left was huge and I think everybody knows a keeper shouldn’t be beaten at his near post.

(Dean) #523

(Sam Hather) #524

Yes lid!

Cracking result that

(Sam Hather) #525

R.I.P Johan Cruijiff :frowning:

(Xenoscythe) #526

I highly, highly recommend anyone who likes football to watch the liverpool dortmund game from last night, utterly immense.


Full game

(C**t ) #527

What a game, second to the Liverpool Dortmund game as my game of the season.

(Dean) #528

With one game to go against De Graafschap.

Squeeky bum time is over!

(Xenoscythe) #529

(DayC) #530

Haway the fucking lads. What a win that is.

(C**t ) #531

Jorge Mendes and Manchester United.

(Gavin Rainey) #532

this is perfect

(Peter Woodberry) #533

(DayC) #534

We are the shittest football team in the prem.

(DayC) #535

Good guy but it had to be done, not good enough with the quality of player we have.

(Sam Hather) #536

Now he needs to come to Leeds to end his career

(DayC) #537

If the man learnt to defend he’d take any team just below the prem, into it. His problems lie in not knowing when to budge on his “philosophy”.

(Dean) #538

You get rid of him as De Boer announces that he is leaving Ajax. Suppose the rumours are true.

(DayC) #539

Yeah likely not a coincidence. I think we should get Jose in though, we’ve got the money now. :wink:

(Sam Hather) #540

Everyone knows Jose is coming to Leeds anyway

You can’t tell a guy like Mourinho to grow some balls and him not show up

(Dean) #541

In Dutch, but we might actually end up winning the Eredivisie yet. Twente have been doing dodgy dealings and haven’t managed to clean up so they are about to lose their professional license. If they do all of the games they played this season will be scrubbed, and since we drew against them while PSV won twice we actually win the Eredivisie on goal difference.

I really hope it doesn’t come to this, as it would be a shitty way to win it and I also don’t want to see Twente disappear. Dutch football is already struggling financially so removing the 4th biggest club in terms of fanbase would hurt it massively. Twente had a chance to hand in their license and receive a new one as a fresh club which only dropped them to the Eerste Divisie and allowed them to continue (Most likely going back up to the Eredivisie next season), but it seems like they want to appeal the decision. If they lose the appeal (Which they will as the KNVB has masses of evidence against them) they will lose the professional license all together and the club will be shut down and never allowed a license again. Nuts decision to appeal it.